North Face Resolve 2 vs Venture 2: Which Rain Jacket Should You Choose?

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When you get caught in a downpour, you may find yourself desperately wishing you had a durable, warm, rain-proof jacket with a sturdy hood to keep you protected from the elements. The North Face has answered your wishes with the Resolve 2 and Venture 2 rain jackets.

The best option out of these two jackets is the North Face Venture 2, as it has the most versatility thanks to its unlined yet waterproof body style, easy packability and portability, and extra ventilation. It is incredibly lightweight yet durable and will easily keep you protected from the rain when on the trails.

However, the Resolve 2 is not to be overlooked with its easy stow-away hood, soft fleece lining for added warmth, and extra mesh layer. This is a very comfortable, reliable raincoat that may suit you better if you’re looking for a slightly warmer standalone jacket.

To learn more about the differences between the North Face Resolve 2 vs Venture 2 and a full comparison of features between these two jackets, read on below.

The North Face: The Company

The North Face was founded in 1966 in San Francisco as a mountaineering store and has grown to become one of the most well-known retailers for backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, trail running, and hiking gear, shoes, and clothing. As a company, they have supported climbing endeavors, marathons, and expeditions across the world.

Their goal is to create excellently crafted, durable equipment and clothing for any athlete or adventurer while supporting conservation of the world’s outdoor areas and wildlife through a responsible supply chain. Real-life athletes and explorers test Their products and innovative technologies to ensure usefulness and reliability.

The North Face Resolve 2

North Face Resolve 2
  • STAY DRY. Made with a 100% nylon ripstop DryVent fabric, this jacket features a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) Finish helps keep you dry when rain strikes.
  • STANDARD FIT. Lightweight and designed for hiking, this standard fit jacket fits over sweaters and zip-up jackets for comfortable layering.
  • STOW-AWAY HOOD. This versatile rain jacket features an attached, adjustable hood that stows in the collar when the weather clears up.
  • CUSTOM FIT. Elastic cuffs fit over gloves and a hem cinch-cord lets you customize the fit at the waist. A storm flap with a hook and loop closure covers the center front zip.
  • SECURE STORAGE. Secure-zip hand pockets safety store your phone and wallet while you're on the go.

The North Face Resolve 2 stands out for its more convenient stow-away hood, extra mesh lining layer, and fleece lining for overall comfort and slightly warmer design.

The Resolve 2 is built with a 100% ripstop nylon body with DryVent 2L. This is one of The North Face’s patented technologies that promises windproofing, waterproofing, and plenty of ventilation that prevents sweating. 

DryVent 2L is a softer lining with an extra inner layer of polyester mesh. This mesh adds breathability and freedom of movement, as it prevents the layer of fabric from getting caught on your skin or your shirt.

For extra rain protection, the Resolve 2 also has a durable water repellent coating. The jacket also features a polyester taffeta fleece lining in the neck and chin area for extra softness, comfort, and warmth. This makes the Resolve 2 the slightly warmer option as a standalone jacket.

The Resolve 2 weighs an average of 490 grams and comes in 24 different colors. It is available in sizes XS through 3XL.


  • Stow-away hood
  • Fleece lining in the chin and neck for comfort
  • Extra mesh layer for breathability and to keep fabrics from catching on each other
  • Slightly warmer on its own


  • Heavier (not as good for backpacking)
  • Not as versatile

The North Face Venture 2

North Face Venture 2
  • RAINY ADVENTURES. Constructed with breathable yet waterproof fabric, this jacket features sealed seams and is designed to withstand backcountry storms. Styled for everyday use and easy to pack away when the weather clears up.
  • STAY DRY. This waterproof jacket is built to help keep you dry. A DryVent shell with a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish helps keep you dry when rain strikes. Sealed seams help ensure that water stays out so the weather doesn't stop your day.
  • RELAXED FIT. Designed for versatile wear, this rain jacket is made with a relaxed fit with room for extra layers. A hem-cinch cord and adjustable hood offer a custom fit with extra coverage. Pit-zip venting adds breathability when you're on the move.
  • PACKABLE DESIGN. You only need a handful of extra space in your pack to stash this ultralight, weatherproof rain shell. This jacket creates a compact storage pouch by packing into its own hand pocket.
  • SECURE STORAGE. Covered secure zip hand pockets protect your hands and valuables from the elements.

The North Face Venture 2 is a slightly more versatile jacket, as it is unlined for easier layering. The Venture 2 is also more lightweight and stands out thanks to its extra ventilation at the armpits. It can also be packed away into its own pocket.

The Venture 2 weighs only 330 grams, and it can also be folded down to fit inside its own pocket, making it the best choice for stuffing into your backpack for easy, lightweight portability. 

Its outer shell is 100% ripstop nylon DryVent 2.5L, which does not have an inner mesh layer. Like the Resolve, the Venture 2 features the durable water repellent coating for extra protection from the elements.

For enhanced breathability, the Venture 2 features pit-zips at the armpits, which can be zippered down to increase airflow in the armpit area. This reduces overheating. It also has an adjustable hood.

Because it is unlined, the Venture 2 can be more easily layered with thicker long-sleeve shirts or worn underneath another jacket if you want extra warmth.

The Venture 2 is available in a whopping 43 color choices and comes in size XS through 4X, as well as tall sizes.


  • More packable (weighs less and can be packed into its own pocket)
  • More versatile because it is unlined
  • Pit-zips for enhanced ventilation help to reduce sweating
  • More color and size options


  • Not as warm on its own
  • Hood is adjustable but not stow-away

Features Face to Face

Color Options and Sizes

Color Options and Sizes

In total, the North Face Venture 2 is available in an impressive 43 color options, featuring a wide variety of hues in solid and heathered styles. The Resolve 2 comes in 24 colors, so either way, you will certainly have a number of fashionable choices to choose from.

The Venture 2 also has slightly more size options, as it’s available in sizes XS to 4XL and also in “tall” options. The Resolve 2 comes in XS through 3XL. Both of these jackets have a standard fit rather than slim fit.

Because of its more expansive size options and wider variety of color options, the Venture 2 is the winner of this category.

Weight and Portability

The North Face Resolve 2 weighs an average of 490 grams (depending on which size you choose). While this isn’t an incredibly heavy jacket, it does not stand up to the Venture 2’s lightweight 330 grams, thanks to its unlined, thinner style. The Venture 2, with its unlined, thinner fabric, is also more easily compressed into a smaller shape to fit into nearly any bag.

Also, the Venture 2 can be packed down into its own pocket into a compact rectangle. This makes it incredibly easy to stow it away in your bag without taking up hardly any space at all. 

Thanks to its lighter weight, thinner fabrics, and easy packability into its own pocket, the Venture 2 is the clear winner of this section.

Durability, Weatherproofing, and Warmth

Durability, Weatherproofing, and Warmth

Both of these jackets feature the durable water repellent coating, making them excellent options if you want the ultimate in waterproofing. They are also both constructed with 100% ripstop nylon outer shells, so they are equally durable and tear-resistant. 

Both jackets feature The North Face’s patented DryVent technology, which is guaranteed to be waterproof, windproof, and breathable. The Resolve 2 features DryVent 2L, while the Venture 2 features DryVent 2.5L. The main difference here is that the DryVent 2L has an inner mesh lining. 

This Resolve’s mesh lining keeps the jacket from sticking to your skin or undershirt while also adding breathability, but it also makes the jacket thicker overall. The Venture’s DryVent 2.5L is unlined, which makes it more lightweight. It features a “dry touch print” along the fabric’s inner side to keep the jacket from clinging to your skin.

Both jackets also feature an adjustable hood, which is essential for protecting your face from the wind and rain. However, the Resolve 2 goes one step further, as its hood can be conveniently stowed away into the fleece collar when not in use. This will prevent the hood from flopping around when you don’t need to wear it.

Also, the Resolve 2 features a fleece lining at the chin and neck areas. This increases the warmth level of the jacket itself without needing to wear a fleece shirt underneath it.

While both of these jackets are extremely durable and resistant to the elements with their DryVent technologies and durable water repellent coating, the Resolve 2 comes out ahead in this category thanks to its stow-away hood and fleece-lined neck and chin for added warmth retention.

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While both of these jackets can be layered with undershirts for added versatility in different weather conditions, there are some differences in implementation here. 

Because the Venture 2 is unlined, this is a much thinner jacket that can be more easily worn over a thicker shirt without limiting your freedom of movement. Also, the Venture’s armpit zippers can quickly and easily be unzipped if you suddenly find yourself becoming too warm. 

This combination of easy layering and armpit zippers makes the Venture quite versatile, because it can be worn alone as a spring jacket when you may become too hot, or it can be easily layered if you are preparing for slightly colder weather. It is also suitable for a variety of outdoor activities when you may become sweaty. 

The Resolve 2 features the inner polyester mesh layer, which keeps the jacket from clinging to other fabrics (meaning you can still wear an undershirt). However, it will feel thicker and heftier overall, especially if you need to wear a warmer shirt underneath it in case you get chilly. The Resolve 2 also lacks the zip-pits of the Venture.

The Venture 2 is the winner of this category, because it features an unlined body style that can be more easily layered without feeling too bulky or heavy. It also wins thanks to the zippered armpits that add increased versatility, as the jacket is appropriate for warmer weather or to prevent sweating during your adventures.

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Both jackets are reasonably comfortable, as they are both fairly lightweight and prevent the inner fabric from irritatingly clinging to your skin (the Resolve 2 does so with its inner mesh layer, and the Venture 2 with its “dry touch print”). Neither of them are overly warm in fall or spring, so you shouldn’t have to worry too badly about uncomfortable sweating.

Where the Resolve 2 comes out ahead in this category is its built-in fleece lining around the chin and neck areas. This creates an extra level of softness around your face and increases the jacket’s overall comfort level.

Standout Features of the North Face Resolve 2

Stow-away hood: While both jackets feature adjustable hoods to protect yourself from the wind and rain effectively, the Resolve 2 hood can also be stowed away inside the collar lining. This prevents the hood from flopping into your face when you don’t need to use it.

More comfortable: The Resolve 2 features a polyester fleece lining around the chin and neck of the jacket. This makes for a much softer experience around your face and increases the overall comfort of the jacket.

Warmer as a standalone jacket: Without needing to wear any warm layers underneath, the Resolve 2 will be the warmer option. Not only is it slightly thicker and heftier, but it also features the fleece lining around the face to help with heat retention. 

Inner mesh lining: The Resolve’s inner mesh lining keeps the fabric of the jacket from uncomfortably clinging to your skin or your inner shirt, and it also adds some level of breathability. 

Standout Features of the North Face Venture 2

More versatile: Because it doesn’t have an inner lining, the Venture 2 can be more comfortably worn over a thicker undershirt or fleece jacket, making it the more versatile option for layering in a variety of temperatures. 

More lightweight and packable: Because it is lighter in weight, the Venture 2 will be less noticeable in your bag throughout the day. Thanks to its thinner fabrics, it will also take up less space. Also, the jacket compresses down very small and can be folded up to fit inside its own pocket. This makes the Venture 2 the best backpacking option.

More well-ventilated: The Venture 2 features pit-zips, which are zippers at the armpit to increase ventilation. This will help prevent sweating during your longer hikes when you may start getting too warm.

More size and color options: The Venture 2 comes in 43 different colors and sizes XS through 4X. It is also available in tall sizes. 


Choose the North Face Resolve 2 if:

  • You are looking for a jacket that will be slightly warmer without needing to layer underneath it.
  • You want an extra layer of fleece around your face for comfort.
  • You like the idea of a stow-away hood that will stay out of your way.

For a fully weatherproof, durable jacket with an extra level of softness and warmth, check out the North Face Resolve 2.

Choose the North Face Venture 2 if:

  • You want your jacket to most easily fit inside your hiking backpack.
  • You are looking for a jacket that can be most easily layered for more versatility.
  • You are worried about overheating and sweating.

If you’re looking for a truly backpack-friendly, waterproof, well-ventilated jacket for spring and fall, the North Face Venture 2 may be your best bet.

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