Ultralight Backpacking Tent Footprint Substitutions: An Alternative To Tent Footprint

​A tent footprint is something that everyone going for an overnight camping need in their backpack. It’s an essential part of camping if you wish to have a comfortable stay at the camp. Carrying the​ Backpacking Tent Footprint keeps the bottom of the tent safe from tear by sand and sharp rocks. Failing to bring a tent footprint makes it hard to have a pleasant camping stay. Apart from protecting the tent from damage, there are several other advantages, which include;

  • Improved floor water resistant keeping the individuals away from catching a cold,
  • ​Keeps the tent mud-free, and therefore, enhancing on cleanliness.

With the added advantages, it turns out easy to pack the tent after the camp.

When ​Do you ​Need a ​Tent footprint?

​You’ll not need to carry along a tent footprint in all your camping tours. You should, however, consider carrying the item under the following conditions;

  • ​In case you have an old tent that has pre-existing holes.
  • ​If you’re camping on the abrasive sand in the deserts,
  • ​If you’re camping in areas that have sharp rocks,
  • ​Or when you have a tent made of a thin nylon or polyester floor.

Under these conditions, it is wise considering the importance of carrying a tent footprint with you.

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Disadvantages of Tent Footprints

There are two main disadvantages of tent footprints, that is, they are cumbersome and costly. Instead of buying a new one, experts recommend that you consider purchasing a replacement. Most of the people will argue that despite being expensive, the protection you get is similar to that of other brands. As a result, most of us will tend to consider an alternative rather than buy a tent footprint. The question remains, is the extra cost and weight worth as a way of increasing camping comfort and fun? Below are a few of the alternatives that you can consider picking. We shall make a comparison and then conclude.

​Three New Types Of Tent footprint

1. A ​Camping Tarp

A Camping Tarp
  • Multi-purpose outdoor tarp is great for covering items or placement under a camping tent
  • Waterproof design made of durable rip-stop fabric with polyethylene lamination on both sides
  • Rugged rust-resistant grommets along the outer edge for securely tying down the tarp
  • Reinforced corners and edges for long-lasting strength
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 11.3 feet

A camping tarp is a waterproof fabric material, usually rectangular or squire in shape. The tarp offers extra cover, and when used in replacement for a tent footprint, it keeps away the floor moisture. It, therefore, keeps off the mud into the tent, maintaining cleanliness. It offers a comfortable dry feel which is what camping is all about to hikers. The best part about camping tarp is that you can use it even in non-camping situations, especially in music festivals, and tailgating. It is impressive also noting that you can use a camping tarp in many other ways while still at the camp.

Amazon Basics Camping Tarp is one of the best tarps you can consider purchasing from Amazon stores. The tarp measures 10″ x 12″ and serves as a multipurpose outdoor tarp. Also, It features a durable ripstop fabric laminated with polyethylene material. It also has reinforced corners that help to increase the durability of the item. The edges are also rust-resistant, making it more durable. The product is more versatile gives it an upper hand in comparison to a tent footprint. Use the link provided to view the product or place an order.

2. Windows Wrap

Windows Wrap
  • Fits: Sheathing panels and chimneys
  • Flashing Length: 1200 in.
  • Flashing Type: Waterproof
  • Flashing Width: 1200 in.
  • Flashing Height: 4 in.

Window Wrap is typical at our homes during the winter seasons. We use them to wrap our windows to keep them protected from the storms. Depending on how regularly you use the wrap, it can serve you for a season or even longer. It’s an excellent replacement for tent footprints in the way that they are versatile and feature several uses. They are water-resistant and keep the moisture from reaching your tent floor. The beauty of the material is that you can purchase it as a large piece and cut it into the required sizes. When you go purchasing for a window wrap, you’ll get in a variety of options.

The product is impermeable to water, air or vapor, and therefore gives you the dryness you want. It also comes at an affordable price.

3. Tyvek Home Wrap

Tyvek Home Wrap
  • Item Weight: 19.84 lb
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Brand name: DuPont
  • Item Dimensions: 5.0"L x 3.0"W x 3.0"H

Tyvek is a standard construction material separating the interior and exterior wall sides of your house. They help to create a vapor barrier between the two parties. The content is waterproof, puncture-resistant, and lightweight. That is the reason why most people find it useful as a replacement for a tent footprint. Since it’s resistant to wear, the material will last for an extended period. The good thing is that you can buy the ones already sized for a tent, or consider sizing one for yourself. Since they are light in weight, it’s easy to carry them along when you go camping. It is good to mention that Tyvek Home Wrap is less expensive, and therefore, saves you a lot of cash, making it an alternative to tent footprint.

​DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap-3″ x 100″ is one of the best products you can purchase from Amazon stores. It weighs 19.84lbs and constructed in the US. The brand name is DuPont and measures 5″ x 3″ x 3″, made of polypropylene materials. It has many positive customer reviews, meaning that it is reliable for use with the tent floors.


We can agree that you need to carry a tent footprint when you go camping. It will help you keep off the moisture and mud from your tent. Maybe you wish to minimize the load in your backpack or the cost of buying a tent footprint. Then you can consider a camping tarp, window wrap, or Tyvek home wrap. These alternatives are cheaper, water-resistant, lightweight, and even durable. It means that they give you a chance to enjoy the comfort that you could have in using a tent footprint. They keep you relaxed without having to spend much energy or cash to bring a tent footprint to your camp. Consider using any among the three, and you’ll love the final results.

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