Top 7 Best Backpack Rain Cover (And Buying Guide)

Although most backpacks are made with water-resistant fabric, having a backpack rain cover is still necessary. Therefore, whether you are backpacking for a long trip or intend to go for a one-day hike, getting the best backpack rain cover helps you to keep your gear safe and dry even in the worst climatic conditions. Additionally, a rain cover, especially the bright ones, can help emergency and rescue teams locate you faster in case of an emergency. 

The rain covers we have featured in our in-depth review are waterproof, lightweight, and fold small. They do not take up much space when you are not using them.

Product Name

Product Weight

​Temperature Rating



Sea to Summit Ultra – Best Backpack Rain Cover


​15-95 L

Kelty Rain Cover – Runner Up


Osprey Ultra-light Rain cover – Best Rain Cover For Osprey Pack

​Ripstop Nylon

30-100 L

Osprey Hi-Visibility Rain cover 

​Ripstop Nylon


Gregory Pro Raincover – Best Rain Cover For Large Backpack


​65-75 L

Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover – Best Cheap/Budget Rain Cover


​40-55 L

CamelBak Rain Cover

​Coated Nylon

​16-25 L

Reviews of The Best Backpack Rain Cover

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover – Best Backpack Rain Cover

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover
10 Reviews
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover
  • Siliconized Nylon Ultra-Light Pack
  • Ensures your gear stays dry and light.

The Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil rain cover is a darling of many backpackers. Part of the reasons that set it apart is its array of colors coupled with siliconized technology. Another pride and joy of this product has to do with its patented Ultra-Sil™ 30 denier Nylon. Added to this patented tech is a seamless design that guarantees protection against leaks. The cover also holds up brilliantly against rip hazards and scratches even when you are undertaking rough trail hikes.

One notable feature of this backpack is the fact that it does not use seam construction. This guarantees complete waterproofness. Each one is effective at keeping your trekking or hiking gear dry. All of them feature solid stitching and are made from decent materials.

Choose from a set of seven bright colors, with contrasting seams and a slight shine. If you are into nature, the green color that blends excellently into its surroundings is a great choice.

It brings with it a four-size range that works perfectly for packs 15-95 L. It fits true to size. If you tend to store extras on your pack’s outside, we recommend a bigger size. The cover works perfectly with an array of backpack strands.

Things We Liked

  • ​Compact storage
  • ​Tight fit
  • ​Highly waterproof
  • ​Excellent stitching
  • ​An array of colors to choose from

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Costly

Kelty Rain Cover – Runner Up

Kelty Rain Cover
406 Reviews
Kelty Rain Cover
  • One interior slip pocket

The Kelty rain cover utilizes a combination of 600D polyester Oxford coupled with 610D Polyester Cordura and 600D polyester ripstop in all areas that need reinforcement to ensure your gear remains dry regardless of the weather condition. Using its internal flexible pull cord, your cover remains firmly fitted on your backpack when a strong wind kicks up.

With its snug fit, relative lightweight, and specialized technology, this rain cover is a brilliant all-rounder. It has an adjustable drawstring to provide a firm fit. You can also look forward to a strap around the cover’s middle. With a clip at its top of extra fixings, we consider this cover to be among the snuggest fittings.

Folding this rain cover is a walk in the park. It folds and packs up effortlessly into its hand-sized and small-attached carry bag. The carry bag can be handy in carrying small items when not in use. We loved the extra durable and small carry bag.

Things We Liked

  • ​Durable, waterproof construction
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Easily storable
  • ​Drawstring for a tight fit
  • ​Different sizes to choose from

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Relatively costlier

Osprey Ultralight Rain cover – Best Rain Cover For Osprey Backpack

Osprey Ultralight Rain cover
1,778 Reviews
Osprey Ultralight Rain cover
  • Cinch attachment keeps the raincover secure and in place
  • The raincover folds up into its own case to make room for other objects while not in use
  • Made from durable 40D Nylon Ripstop
  • Fits 50 - 75 liter packs

Have you been searching for the best rain cover for Osprey backpack? Then you need to consider this one. It is among the highest-scoring best backpack rain covers in the market today. It is the only product on this list that tends to crop up each time someone mentions ‘rain’ and ‘backpacks.’

The Osprey ultra-light rain cover features a 40-denier ripstop that has a PU coating. In our tests, we discovered that it keeps belongings and backpack dry for six consecutive days of heavy rainfall or more than five miles. 

This backpack rain cover comes in gray or black with contrasting gray or yellow stitching. You can also expect a carry bag handle. The cover’s most prominent design has to be the Osprey logo. It is on the larger side.

The extra design elements are reflective. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a low-key cover with safety elements that are in-built into the design.

In the wind, you do not have to worry because the cover has harness attachments, bungee cord hip-belt, and a fully clinched drawstring. To prevent leaks, the seams are taped. For comparison, the big size can fit a 50-55L pack. With such a volume, you can enjoy an incredible range of coverage across the 3 sizes. Bearing in mind, each one is not only versatile but also fits with roughly five laters either way. 

A carry bag that easily folds down to the size of a tennis ball is available. This, coupled with its lightweight nature, is probably the reason the cover is highly popular.

The basic design of this cover encompasses some additional features that others would desire. A standout element is its blinker light attachment for foggy hikes, nighttime, or cycling. This feature adds to the cover’s reflective safety features that are already in the design and print.

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Things We Liked

  • ​Extra visibility safety features
  • ​Extremely lightweight
  • ​Effortlessly folds down to a small size
  • ​Additional all-over fastenings for a secure fit

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Might pucker or rip easily against rough surfaces

Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover

Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover
940 Reviews
Osprey Hi-Visibility Raincover
  • Cinch attachment helps secure the raincover to pack
  • Reflective graphics are for your protection in the dark or adverse conditions.Bottom fabric:70D Nylon Ripstop
  • The blinker light attachment allows for quick light attachment for high visibility in the dark
  • The raincover folds up into its own case to make room for other objects while not in use
  • Fits 20L - 35L / 1220 - 2135

In spite of its sister cover, the Osprey Ultralight, being a popular choice among many backpackers, we honestly thought that the Osprey Hi-Visibility cover also deserved a place in this list of fame. One of the reasons for including it in our list is because of its high-visibility elements, which are rare. Secondly, it scored well against the other Osprey model.

Its seams are taped to protect water against getting inside.

When it comes to appearance, just like its name suggests, it becomes fully luminous with the cover’s body. The company’s reflective logo makes it stand out. Actually, at nighttime, it does the job perfectly.

The classic adjustable cinch, as well as harness and hip-belt attachments, guarantees a secure fit. As aforementioned, make sure that you get the right size for your needs. If you need a bigger size, we advise you to settle for the ultra-light.

The Osprey High-Vis comes with an attached pouch featuring the same luminous material. The pouch is the size of a tennis ball, meaning it will not take up plenty of weight or space when not in use.

In terms of extra features, it has a blinker light attachment that appeals to cyclists.

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Things We Liked

  • ​Harness and hip-belt attachments
  • ​Compact built-in carry pouch
  • ​Reflective and high-visibility elements
  • ​Excellent level of adjustability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Limited size range

Gregory Pro Raincover – Premium Rain Cover For Large Backpack 65/75 Liter

Gregory Pro Raincover
70 Reviews
Gregory Pro Raincover
  • Double stitched, seam-sealed construction for lightweight durability
  • Ultra lightweight silicon coated 40D polyester fabric
  • Dual point attachment system for superior rain and wind protection
  • Compact stuff sack included

The Gregory Pro rain cover is one of the best rain covers for a backpack. It provides a streamlined design, superior weather protection and is lightweight. The other feature that makes it stand out is related to its more compact package over the others.

This rain cover features precision sizing that provides a customized and low profile fit to cheat the wind and shed water akin to a rubber duck. It has a dual-point attachment system to guarantee superior wind and rain protection. Included in the package of this 65-liter rain cover is a compact stuff sack.

We loved that it has a drainage point on its bottom panel. On top of that, it has a double-stitched and seam-sealed construction for preventing water against sipping through.

Whether you are looking for an upgrade or want to add to your existing pack, this is undoubtedly one of the best rain covers for backpack the market has to offer.

Things We Liked

  • ​Neat stitching
  • ​Compact
  • ​Great water resistance
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Excellent coverage

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Somewhat smelly

Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover – Best Budget/Cheap Rain Cover For Backpack

Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover
5,397 Reviews
Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover
  • ✔ UPGRADED BUCKLE STRAP: keep backpack rain cover in position, Prevent backpack cover from sliding off. FOR 70 -90L BACKPACK: Length(12.9-17.7"), Width(8.6-13.7"), Height(29.5-35.4")
  • ✔ HIGH-LEVEL WATERPROOF: Our backpack cover is made of 900D mixed material features wear-resisting and durable, support 8000 mm water pressure.
  • ✔ TRIPLE CONSTRUCTION: External fabric of backpack cover is rip-resistant that protecting backpack from scratch, dirt, sand and internal is double waterproof coated layers that keeping off water, rain, fog and snow.
  • ✔ COMPACT: Each backpack rain cover comes with a pouch that easily to storage and not take much place
  • ♥ VIP CUSTOMER SERVICE: FREE exchange size if backpack rain cover not match without RETURNING, FULL refund if your backpack cover get ripped and get a new one.

Are you looking for a durable and cheap waterproof backpack cover? If yes, you should consider this one from Joy Walker. It comes in various sizes. Therefore, regardless of your backpack size, you can rest assured that there is a matching rain cover size.

It is a waterproof courtesy of its triple construction. You can use it on all kinds of adventures.

If you are a backpacker into bright colors, you will be happy to know that there is a variety of colors to choose from.

One of the best 40l backpack rain covers in the market, it brings with it some additional tech without much concession to weight. From our research and keen analysis, this cover’s secret weapon is its 300-denier ‘double-construction’ nylon. It features three layers:

  • A rip-resistant outer layer (protects against sand, dirt, and scratches)
  • An inner membrane
  • A waterproof inner layer that protects against snow, fog, and rain

Even with average rainfall in a single downpour at 3000mm, with its 5000mm, this cover promises total protection against water.

When it comes to appearance, it comes in black color and three bright colors. It doesn’t have any branding at all. This seals the deal if you are one of the backpackers that are not into plenty of distinctive features. The only drawback when it comes to appearance is the fact that the cover does not have any reflective or high-visibility element, which can be helpful in case of an emergency.

In terms of fit and fastening, the 45-liter rain cover is large. And we mean it! It comes in five sizes, with ranges that span from 15L to 90L. There is a size to fit all backpacks. The cover does not have an extra strap or drawstring fastening, just an elastic rim. Generally, it does not seem to cause any fitting issues. Nevertheless, occasionally, you can push it off using your backpack straps to make sure you obtain the right size.

Another great highlight of this cover is that it features a separate velvet pouch. We are not sure why it is velvet. Presumably, it would not stand up to almost as much as the rain cover itself. However, we do not find it to be a major issue. At least it folds up to a tiny size.

Things We Liked

  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Affordable fair investment
  • ​Tear-resistant
  • ​Highly waterproof

Things We ​​Didn’t Like

  • ​Might lose punch since it is unattached

CamelBak Rain Cover

CamelBak Rain Cover
336 Reviews
CamelBak Rain Cover
  • Bright yellow gives daytime visibility; reflectivity for low-light
  • Includes three easy-to-use attachment points, plus a cinch system for secure fit
  • Small / Medium fits Blowfish, Cloud Walker, Day Star and other packs between 1000 and 1500 cu in or 16L to 25L
  • This water resistant cover protects your pack and its contents
  • Attaches securely with a hook and loop closure and drawstring

This is the last product on our review of the best backpack rain cover. Use it to waterproof your backpack in a heartbeat. We loved it mainly because it is compatible with most standard bags in the market today. Therefore, you don’t need to own one from CamelBak to use this cover.

Whether you are out on a hike or running between classes, this cover is a great thing to have. The fact that it is pocket-friendly is one of its main selling points.

It attaches securely with a loop and hooks closure as well as a drawstring. It has an elastic string all-around and a locking mechanism to securely tighten it around your backpack. Its attachment points are incredibly easy to use. This is unlike other rain covers that can take hours to master how to use them.

It’s bright yellow color provides daytime visibility and reflectivity for low light.

We also liked it because it is pretty spacious. This means it can cover most large-sized backpacks. Back rolling it into your pack is a walk in the park. It should take around 20 seconds max, once you get used to it.

You will also be glad to know that it is compatible with CamelBak hydration packs. It is best for small backpacks and short day trips.

If you are shopping for the best backpack rain cover and are on a budget, then you should consider this one from CamelBak.

Things We Liked

  • ​Snug fit
  • ​Secure fastenings
  • ​Excellent visibility credentials
  • ​Highly durable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Might be baggy for some users

Best Backpack Rain Cover Buying Guide

There is more a backpack than just being a protector and signal. If you are into taking outdoor activities or traveling, it not only prevents your bag and belongings from getting wet, a rain cover can also make it easy for others to track you. When students use it, it can protect their belongings from getting lost or stolen.

Here are the top factors you should consider when in the market for the best backpack rain cover:

Water Resistance vs. Waterproof

This is, perhaps, the most important criteria. After all, the main job of a backpack rain cover is to keep your backpack dry. The million-dollar question that then begs is; how effective is your prospective rain cover at the job? Principally, protection from water emanates from whether the material is water-resistant or waterproof.

“Waterproof” means that the rain cover can withstand full submersion in water. “Water resistance” on the other hand, means that a rain cover can repel water, thus not allowing it to infuse.

Waterproof construction utilizes a process known as ultrasonic welding. It requires costly machinery, technicians, and materials. Just think about the countless numbers of seams on your backpack? Wondered how much money, time, and work that’s put in to completely seal all of them? 

The difficulty in making a backpack rain cover lightweight, useful, functioning, and completely waterproof makes it clear why it is necessary to own it.

Both waterproof and water-resistant fabrics are water-repellant. Nonetheless, while the water-resistant ones might be effective against light rain only, the waterproof ones boast the ability to withstand even heavy rainstorms.

All the backpacks we have featured on our list are waterproof. As a result, you are guaranteed of the highest protection level.

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Adjustable Drawstring

An adjustable drawstring is an essential feature of a backpack rain cover. It’s handy at helping you fit the cover better. With it, there is no room for openings to allow water to get in. Because you need your cover to fit perfectly, we recommend settling for an option that features an adjustable drawstring.


Rain covers are made from an array of fabrics. In addition to that, they house more tech than you could imagine. Some of the common materials include:

  • Nylon – Nylon is a common material when it comes to rain covers. The fact that it is plastic fiber means that it can naturally resist mildew, mold, abrasions, tears, and water.
  • ​On top of that, nylon easily stretches for a better fit. Finally, yet importantly, it is easy to clean. The only drawback of this material is that it is susceptible to fading. Moreover, it is non-recyclable, making it unfriendly to the environment.
  • Coating – Coating is material normally through lamination or sprayed on polyurethane or silicon. PVC and Teflon are also used. Impregnating or coating usually adds protection without necessarily adding weight. The same is true with fabrics such as taffeta, where durability is in-built.
  • Denier – Polyester, and nylon are measured in denier. Denier is a standard of measurement that’s bid on one strand of silk being equal to one denier. Consequently, if a fabric happens to be listed as 300-denier, it simply means that a single strand is approximately equal to 300 strands worth of silk thread. From this explanation, you can begin to see what it means for durability and thickness as the denier count rises.
  • Polyester – In terms of popularity, polyester and nylon are up there. Just like nylon, polyester is also water-resistant. Its absorption is very slow but flexible. Nevertheless, polyester is not only cheaper but also does not shrink. Such a feature is important for a product that is tailored to get wet. The major drawback of polyester is that it can hold oily stains.


Mostly, color is a matter of personal preference. Therefore, feel free to settle for the one that you like. Although that is the case, always bear in mind that when hiking in dangerous and remote areas, it is prudent and safe to settle for a light-reflective and easy-to-spot color. Doing so makes it easier for emergency and rescue teams to track you should you be in any form of danger.


The size of your potential rain cover solely depends on where you intend to use it. For instance, if you have different backpack sizes for various uses, perhaps it is better to consider investing in more than a single cover for rain. You can have others for your school bag or laptop bag.

A slightly larger rain cover is usually the best choice. By choosing such, you will have that additional space for situations when you decide to attach an item outside the backpack. Do you intend to go on hiking and you have a big sleeping bag or camping mat? If yes, then you should consider settling for a more significant rain cover. For those that prefer less stuff, a smaller-sized rain cover would be an excellent option. Alternatively, you can consider a big rain poncho.

How to Take Care of a Backpack Rain Cover

Just like with other pieces of outdoor gear, rain covers require excellent care to retain their properties. To ensure yours lasts long, you need to wash it well and offer the right treatment. When you wash it, avoid using just any type of fabric softener. Some softeners might damage the material used to make your rain cover.

The most important thing you need to do is protect your cover against dirt. It can collect mud or dust when you walk through a dusty pathway or put your backpack down as you rest. When in the market for the best backpack rain cover, make sure you choose one made from a material that does not attract dirt easily. Fortunately, certain covers are marked as dustproof. These one repel dirt and dust meaning you’ll not need to wash them after every trek or hike. You only need to use a small cloth to wipe the dust away.

If washing your cover is necessary, perhaps because of stubborn dirt, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Final Words

Many backpackers underestimate the necessity of a backpack rain cover. To them, most backpacks, especially hiking and trekking ones, might seem to repel water. Unfortunately, not all are made using water-repelling material. For this reason, you need a rain cover.

From our extensive research and after comparing all the products on this list, we can authoritatively state that the best backpack rain cover is the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover. It is not only durable and portable; it boasts the ability to repel snow, sleet, or rain. We also loved it because it comes in an array of camouflage and colors. The Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil rain cover has a strong, adjustable drawstring to guarantee a snug fit.

We hope you loved our review of the best backpack rain cover. If you found it helpful, please share it. We believe sharing is caring!

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