7 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Do you love adventure? Are you into camping and/or hiking? Purchasing the best backpacking sleeping bag assures you of a comfortable and warm night if you are an avid camper or backpacker.

Backpacking sleeping bags come in an array of sizes, designs, models, and price range. For this reason, the search process can be a complicated one. Thankfully, we have done all the hard work for you. After countless hours of research, we have settled on seven best backpacking sleeping bags under 100.

Always remember that sleeping while on the outdoors does not have to be costly.

Product Name

​Temp Rating




Kelty Mummy Sleeping Bag – Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100



Marmot Trestles Mummy Sleeping Bag – Runner Up



TETON Sports Sleeping Bag – Best Budget Sleeping Bag Under $100



​Coleman Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag



​ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag



​Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag



​Alpinizmo High Peak Sleeping Bag



Reviews Of The Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100

Kelty Mummy Sleeping Bag (Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100)

Kelty Mummy Sleeping Bag
616 Reviews
Kelty Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • The perfect blend of warmth and compressibility. Thermatron is a fiber blend engineered to retain warmth & provide superior pack ability. A synthetic backpacking bag with enough comfort features, it will quickly become your go-to camping necessity
  • Comfort Tuck: Easily pull one or both feet out on warmer nights, or keep it zipped tight for toasty toes when the temperature drops
  • Thermal-comfort hood and natural fit footboy, Zipper draft tube with antismog design
  • 75D Polyester Taffeta Shell + 75D Polyester Taffeta Liner + Thermatron Insulation + Comfort-Tuck Zipper System
  • Media-integrated storage pocket + Offset quilt construction + Zipper draft tube with anti-snag design

Kelty is turning out to be a reputable company when it comes to the manufacture of sleeping bags. Judging from the performance of this Mummy sleeping bag, you can rest assured that the company will become more reputable in the years ahead. It boasts a temperature range of between 22 and 33 degrees F. Although some folks are not into the bag’s synthetic blend, we liked it because it offers something different.

The Kelty Mummy sleeping bag is one of the best sleeping bags under $100. Plenty of reasons to inform this. For starters, it features a highly durable 75D Polyester Taffeta material that is utilized in both the liner and shell. While the fabric is soft, it is durable enough to handle the toughest conditions of the wild outdoors.

Its ThermaPro insulation is top-notch. It is tailored to not only retain body heat while you are inside the bag but also to remain compressible enough to make packable for easy transportation. One of the best highlights of this sleeping bag has to do with its Comfort-Tuck zipper system that easily opens from the top. In addition to that, it brings with it a dual zipper at the bottom to open up and allows your feet to lose on the warmer nights when sweating can become a risk.

The bag has a media integrated storage pocket with two openings. One provides storage for your devices while the other one is for your earbuds. There is a flap that holds them all in place when rolling over right in the middle of the night. For easy carrying and quick packing, there is a stuff sack included upon purchase.

Things We Liked

  • ​Amazing feet tuck design
  • ​Lightweight construction
  • ​Provides adequate warmth
  • ​Well-priced

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​A bit narrow

Marmot Trestles Mummy Sleeping Bag (Runner Up)

Marmot Trestles Mummy Sleeping Bag
315 Reviews
Marmot Trestles Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • Mummy style 30 degree sleeping bag for backPacking and other outdoor activities; featuring SpiraFil high loft insulation for maximum warmth and durability
  • EN tested to provide a comfortable night’s sleep at temperatures as low as 30°f
  • Anatomically shaped foot box for more wiggle room and less heat buildup
  • Weight: 3 pounds, 1 ounce.; Pack volume: 640.7curie (10.5 liters)
  • 70d 100 percentage polyester, 2.2 ounce/yard; 70d 100 percentage embossed polyester, 2.2 ounce/yard

Do you intend to go camping or hiking during cold temperatures? Even when the weather turns damp and cool, this sleeping bag keeps you warm. Because extreme temperatures are risky to your health, you need to make sure that your sleeping bag is excellently optimized for cold. Do you know that this one is capable of holding warm temperatures even when the temperature is as low as 15 degrees F?

The blend of fabrics of the Marmot Trestles Mummy sleeping bag is engineered to combine the humidity resistance of artificial insulation. Both its liner and outer material are made of 70D polyester, which is a highly durable fabric with the ability to handle countless trips to your preferred outdoor destination.

Spirafil High Loft insulation sits between the bag’s outer material and liner. In addition to the insulation being strong, it also keeps you warm the temperatures drop anytime.

This sleeping brings with it the wave construction that guarantees the most loft at the top to firmly lock in your heat. Blanket construction is at the bottom to provide some cushioning between the ground and yourself.

There is an anatomical 3D foot box, which provides additional room to enable you to wiggle your feet around, as you get comfortable. The dual zippers by the side offer a wider opening for you to get in and out. This super lightweight sleeping bag features an anti-snag slider on its main zipper that comes in handy at reducing snags.

Some of the other notable highlights of the bag include a 3D hood, two hanging loops, and a stash pocket to keep your essentials. Finally, yet importantly, there is a compression stuff sack for effortless storage.

Things We Liked

  • ​Adjustable ventilation
  • ​Best for colder temperatures
  • ​Additional insulation and warmth
  • ​Packs compact
  • ​Lightweight

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Not a good choice for taller people

TETON Sports Sleepin​​g Bag (Best Budget Sleeping Bag For Backpack Under 100)

TETON Sports Sleepin g Bag
1,781 Reviews
TETON Sports Sleepin g Bag
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND WARM: Tired of your feet getting cold? This is the sleeping bag for you; Designed with added insulation in the footbox; Exceptionally warm and lightweight for backpacking
  • COMFORTABLE: Three-piece hood pulls in tightly around your face to keep your whole head warm; Foot box provides more room for your feet; Full-length zipper draft tube keeps the warm air in
  • NEVER ROLL YOUR SLEEPING BAG AGAIN: TETON provides a great compression sack for stuffing your sleeping bag; Start at the bottom and stuff the bag in, then tighten the heavy-duty straps
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports

Another impressive affordable backpacking sleeping bag below $100 is this one from TETON Sports. It brings with it a long-lasting Diamond ripstop shell that is water and tears resistant. To guarantee a comfortable and soft sleep, its liner is made of Double-brushed Poly material.

The bag features PolarLite Micro insulation that does well to keep you toasty warm throughout the night even though it might be thin. The thinness of its insulation informs the lightweight nature of the sleeping bag. Actually, this one is among the best Ultralight sleeping bags in the market.

To enhance its comfort, the company included a bigfoot box that enables you to point your toes in any preferred direction. You will be glad to learn that the bag brings with it a drawstring that is handy at cinching it tight around a user’s face.

For an easy closure, there is an anti-snag full-length zipper. The bag’s full-length draft tube helps keep the cool air out of the bag while maintaining the warm air in. If you are hiking or camping with anything valuable, there is a tiny pocket inside your bag. Also included is a stuff sack featuring a drawstring closure that makes it effortless for you to pack and carry this pocket-friendly backpacking sleeping regardless of where you are going.

Because this bag from TETON Sports is rated at 20 degrees F and higher, we did not find it as one of the best sleeping bags for winter. However, it remains amazing for the cooler weather in the fall and spring. We also noticed that the bag could be bulky to some users. However, other users did not have any challenge compressing it.

Things We Liked

  • ​Great insulation
  • ​Effective and streamlined design
  • ​Ample space
  • ​Inner pocket for storing valuables

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Can be bulky to some people

Coleman Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag (Best Cheap Sleeping Bag Under 100)

Coleman Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag
2,221 Reviews
Coleman Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag
  • Lightweight adult sleeping bag for camping in mild temperatures as low as 40°F
  • Big and tall design can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • Brushed polyester cover and tricot fiber blend liner provide softness and breathability
  • ZipPlow system plows away fabric to prevent snagging during zipping
  • Roll Control design and Quick Cord system for easy rolling and securing

There is no doubt that Coleman is one of the top manufacturers of outdoor products. It surprised us that this company can be among the ones that manufacture budget backpack sleeping bags. Because of its record of accomplishment, you would expect Coleman only to produce premium sleeping bags.

Just because it is freezing outside while on a camping or hiking trip does not mean that you need to grapple with the cold, do you know that this Coleman sleeping bag is ideal for temps that drop even to 0 degrees F? Oh, yes, you heard us right! With this bag, it is possible to remain warm from head to toe, all thanks to its patented insulation coupled with quilted construction that gets rid of cold spots inside your sleeping bag.

It comes with a hood that adjusts with a drawstring that tightens around your head to perfectly lock in your body heat. Also, there is a box-shaped foot to give you more room to move during the night. You can move your toes comfortably regardless of the sleeping position.

The outer shell of this sleeping bag is polyester ripstop that is exceptional at resisting tears for a more durable bag. For additional warmth, a full-length Thermolock draft tube is available to guarantee the retaining of body heat as well as keeping out of outside cold temperatures.

The bag’s zipper is two-way without a snag design to protect the fabric from being caught in the teeth.

While we love it as one of the best backpacking sleeping bags below $100 when it comes to warmth and construction, the bag is pretty heavy (5 lbs). Due to this reason, we don’t think it is an excellent fit for people who are doing long treks deep in the woods.

Things We Liked

  • ​Great quality for the price
  • ​Ideal for colder climates
  • ​Durable zipper
  • ​Machine washable
  • ​Effortless to maintain

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Narrower than expected

ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag

ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag
22 Reviews
ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag
  • Made With High Quality Elevation+ Insulation
  • Two Layer Construction Provides Increased Warmth And Durability
  • Ripstop Top Fabric with Insulated Chest and Zipper Baffle
  • Standard Stuff Sack Is Included, #8 Separating Zippers
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Regular, Long

Have you been searching for a great compression sleeping bag that is handy at helping you carry bulky stuff such as puffy jackets? Then you need to consider this one from ALPS Mountaineering. It features a spacious stuff sack that can shrink incredibly for you to fit all your items as you travel.

Don’t want your tiny items to get lost in the bag? Inside the lid, there is a zippered pocket where you can place them for easy and safe access. The bag’s sacs come in four sizes.

This bag’s sacs have straps that connect right from the bottom to the top, thus providing you with the opportunity to easily cinch down for purposes of adjusting the length based on whatever you are carrying. As such a pocket-friendly price, the bag offers you exceptional services for many years to come.

It is an excellent bag if you are camping in colder weather.

One of the things we did not like about it is its bulky nature. It might take you some time and work to shove into your pack’s bottom. It might not be the lightest, but one thing is for sure, it is warm.

Things We Liked

  • ​Nylon ripstop fabric
  • ​D rings included
  • ​Zipper pocket included
  • ​Excellent elevation
  • ​Multiple sizes available

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Somewhat bulky

Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag

Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag
1,674 Reviews
Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag
  • Blue and Black/Yellow, Double Layer, Compression Sack
  • Standard adult sleeping bag designed for size and weight-conscious hikers
  • Drawstring Hood and Draft Tube for Additional Protection Against the Elements
  • Double-Layer Offset Quilt Construction 30 degree rated
  • Compression Stuff Sack

Although the Suisse Sport sleeping bag is among the most affordable sleeping bags in the market, it brings with it exceptional features present in the expensive brands. The Adventurer is lightweight, making it effortless to carry around when out for a hike or camping.

Its material is polyester ripstop. It is water-resistant and durable. One of the best attributes of this bag’s fabric is the fact that it dries pretty fast should get it damp.

It has a double layer construction that adds comfort and warmth on the cooler nights. The bag is quilted to mitigate any chance of cold spots from getting inside. It comes in a mummy-shaped design that consists of a contoured drawstring hood coupled with a collar to ensure your shoulder and throat are protected from the cold air as you rest.

Its temperature rating means that it is one of those sleeping bags that are a must-have for the summer. We also loved it because it is designed to fit various types of people, including the left and right-handed folks. Because of this, whether you are right or left-handed, you will certainly have an easy time zipping yourself.

To block out cold air, a draft tube that runs over the zipper is available. Just like many others on our primer, it comes with a pocket to store your valuables. On top of that, there is a compression sack for easy carrying and fast storage.

The only downside that we discovered with this inexpensive sleeping bag has to do with the fact that it only fits people who are below 6’ and with a 19’’ width. If you are a larger person, this bag might be somewhat tight on the shoulders.

Things We Liked

  • ​Well insulated
  • ​Extra color combination
  • ​Room to move
  • ​Easy to carry
  • ​Lightweight

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Not ideal for larger people

Alpinizmo High Peak Sleeping Bag​

Alpinizmo High Peak Sleeping Bag
10 Reviews
Alpinizmo High Peak Sleeping Bag
  • 323X83X205; Fill weight 1 lbs. 3oz; Carry weight 2 lbs. 14oz; Cozy Loft Micro-X insulation; Double layer construction; Invista Tactile Nylon shell ; Cozy Thermo Lining
  • Temp rating at 20F; Sew-in Draft Tube and Chest Collar; Hood with Drawstring closure and barrel lock
  • Two bags can be zipped together; No.5 YKK Anti snag zipper
  • Windshield; Anti snag Zipper band; Thermal Collar
  • Compression sack included

A number of highlights make this bag stand out from the rest. In addition to being lightweight, it brings with it breathable lining that excellently radiates body heat to assist in regulating temperature. Rated at 20 degrees F, this sleeping bag is undoubtedly ready for your upcoming outdoor adventure.

It features the impressive Cozy Therm™ heat adaptable technology for decreased weight and increased warmth. Its lining radiates heat back to you while at the same time enabling water vapor to pass through and/or exit the bag.

The bag keeps you comfortable down to 20 degrees F inside a synthetic package, which weighs less than 2.5 pounds. It packs to a mere 11’’ by 7.5’’ thus making it a good companion for any backpacking escapade.

Another important highlight of this bag is its drawstring closure on its hood. There is also a draft tube featuring a drawstring and snap closure. At its top, there is a hook-and-loop closure and hang loops at the bottom.

Things We Liked

  • ​Great for colder climates
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Sturdy construction
  • ​Superior weight-to-warmth ratio

Things We Didn’t Like

  • ​Issues with the zipper getting caught

Buying Guide: Things To Consider

As we mentioned before, there is a wide range of sleeping bags to choose from. For this reason, you need to have well-thought-out criteria to act your guide. Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for the best budget backpacking sleeping bag:

Insulation Type

The kind of insulation used is what differentiates sleeping bags. Here are the most common insulation types:

  • Synthetic/down combinations – This type of insulation features a combination of synthetic and down materials to provide you with the benefits of each of the mentioned materials.
  • Synthetic insulation – Polyester is the most common material utilized for synthetic insulation. In addition to drying quickly, it insulates even when wet. The other advantage is that it is non-allergenic and affordable.
  • Water-resistant down – The down insulation is treated with a quality water-resistant application that prevents it from becoming soggy lump if at all, it gets wet. Sometimes, it is also known as hydrophobic down.
  • Duck down – While duck down insulation boasts similar qualities as goose down, it does not achieve the same a fill rating. Nonetheless, it is highly popular due to its affordability.
  • Goose down – The goose down insulation is not only lightweight but also brings with it the best fill ratings. While it is the best insulator and easy to compress, on the flip side, it is the most expensive option. 

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Sleeping Bag Weight

Two main factors affect the weight of a sleeping bag – its shape and insulation. The more efficient insulations such as the high-fill-power downs and advanced synthetics deliver greater warmth at less weight compared to the less efficient fills. Since a sleeping bag needs more insulation to be warmer, you need to compare bags with a similar temp rating when equating weights.

  • Insulation fill weight – What matters the most when carrying a sleeping bag in your pack is the overall bag weight. Insulation fill weight only reveals a bag’s insulation weight. Some people use it as a rough indicator of bag warmth. They are reasoning that having more fill inside the bag makes it warmer. However, the most reliable indicator of a bag’s warmth is its temperature rating spec.
  • Sleeping bag shape – By now, you know that sleeping bags maintain warmth by retaining the heat emitted by the body. What does this mean? It simply means that a small space tends to warm more efficiently compared to a bigger one. Additionally, a bag with a snug fit and sleek shape is lighter compared to one that is roomy. Find out more about sleeping bag shapes below.

Lining and Shell

Most backpacking sleeping bags feature an outer shell that is made of polyester or nylon. Some have a breathable and waterproof shell. Others feature a shell treated with water-repellant. You need to have a feel of the lining to establish if it feels soft. A soft feeling means you shall sleep comfortably.


Size is mostly about a sleeping bag’s length. When searching for the best inexpensive backpack sleeping bag, you need to ensure that it is the right length in terms of your height. Most bags come in either long or medium sizes. For tall users, you will be glad to know that there are manufacturers that make extra-long ones. Similarly, some manufacturers focus on petite or short sleeping bags to cater for the short folks.

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Sleeping Bag Shapes 

It is essential to understand the different backpacking sleeping bag shapes. Each shape or cut is tailored to appeal to different types of users. Here are the three most common ones:

  • Rectangular

Without any taper through their legs, rectangular bags are not thermally efficient. They are an excellent choice for basement sleepovers and backyard campouts.

  • Semi-Rectangular

Semi-rectangular backpacking sleeping bags, a happy medium between rectangular and mummy shapes, are an excellent choice for any camper that cannot cope with a mummy’s bag confinement but still needs more warmth than that of a rectangular bag. Although they are heavier and bulkier compared to mummies, they provide a more thrashing room. 

  • Mummy

Mummy sleeping bags are cut through the feet and legs to give them maximum thermal efficiency. Remember that the primary goal of a sleeping bag is to contain your body heat. When it has a smaller interior space, it is more efficient at meeting this objective. While many mummies boast plenty of room via the torso and shoulders, broader campers and restless sleepers might be more comfortable with an alternative cut.

Another significant benefit of a mummy bag is that it utilizes less insulation and materials. Additionally, they are smaller to pack and lighter-weight.


Are you a woman? If yes, you need to settle for sleeping bags that are tailored for women. Such bags are designed based on the outline of a woman’s body to provide more comfort.

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Type of Sleeping Bag

Backpacking sleeping bags are usually grouped based on the seasons you would use them and their temperature rating.

They fall into three major categories (they are categorized based on their temperature rating) – winter, three-season, and summer.

  • Summer (Two-Season)

Summer backpacking sleeping bags are ideal for temps of 30 degrees F and higher. In addition to packing down tiny, they are also lightweight. Often, summer bags feature full-length zippers that allow users to zip them almost entirely open for ventilation whenever the night is steamy. Most of these bags are just simple sacks without many whistles and bells. There is no need for a draft collar or hood on the hot July nights.

  • Winter (Four-Season)

Winter sleeping bags are puffy cocoons. They are excellent for temps of 20 degrees F and below. They boast all the features of a 3-season bag but with more insulation. Since they are bulky to pack, you need to have a compression stuff sack.

  • Three-Season

The three-season sleeping bags are perfect for temps of 20 degrees F and above. These types of bags are suited for fall and spring trips. They are also great for summers in the mountains when temperatures can dip below freezing particularly at night. The best three-season bags bring with them extra features to handle colder temperatures. Some of these features include zipper draft tubes, draft collars, and cinch-able hoods.

Zipper Side

Zipper side varies based on the bag you settle for. Unless you prefer a certain side, which you want your zipper bag to be, normally, this factor should not be a major issue. However, the size of a zipper will matter if you intend to mate two sleeping bags together. For you to do this, ensure one of the bags has a zipper on its right side while the one should have it on its left side. In such a scenario, the zippers must be of the same size. If they are not, they will not work together. Additionally, the zippers need to be of similar size.

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How To Wash Your Backpack Sleeping Bag

To ensure your investment remains lofting high, here are some tips for washing your sleeping bag:

Step #1: Pass through the label

If you cannot find much information on the label, check on the company’s website. If the cleaning directions contradict any of the tips we have offered, follow those from the manufacturer.

Step #2: Batten down the hatches

Once you have passed through the directions, close all fasteners and zippers. After that, turn your bag inside out in a way that the body oils in the interior wash off.

Step #3: Always use the right soap

When cleaning, you need to use a cleaning product that will not strip any essential oils from your bag’s feathers.

Step #4: Wash 

You can use a front-loader or hand-wash in a tub as the agitator inside a top-loader can tear baffles. It is prudent to choose a gentle cycle with some cold water. Once you have run a complete cycle, rinse once or twice to get rid of the soap.

Step #5: Remove carefully

Finally, yet importantly, it is time to remove your sleeping bag. You need to do it carefully. The right way to remove it is by supporting it from underneath to prevent the waterlogged insulation from ripping the stitches out. Hang your bag lengthwise on a laundry line. Leave it to dry until it becomes light meaning the water weight will be gone.

Step #6: Dry

Once your bag becomes damp, place it inside a commercial dryer. Dry it on low heat as you frequently check it. After every 30 minutes, remove down the bags to de-clump the feathers. Leave it unstuffed for a couple of days. When you store it, ensure you utilize a huge pillowcase or cotton sack, not the small nylon stuff sack that you use while you are on a trip.

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How To Size Your Sleeping Bag Before Buying

Yours is a sleeping bag and not shrink-wrap. Use these steps to make sure it fits perfectly:

Step #1: Always try before you purchase

It is prudent to crawl into as many sleeping bags as possible. Wear appropriate layers to have an idea of the way every type and brand fit.

Step #2: Integrate the sleeping pad

Does your sleeping bag have sleeping pad straps or sleeves? If it does, rig it that into the store as a pad reduces its interior volume thus affecting its fit.

Step #3: Check the closures

In this step, you need to zip your bag up, down, and then up again. Once you do that and the zipper snags, it will do the same in the field. What to do? Cinch the draft collar and hood down. Look for a comfortable fit, snug seal around the head as well as no scratchy Velcro that rubs against your check. You also need to check the ease of exit.

Step #4: Roll around

Are you a cold-weather camper or cold sleeper? If yes, then you should choose a more snug fit. For the side sleepers and thrashers, ensure you can comfortably rotate your body.

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Camping and hiking in cold areas call for adequate preparation. One effective way of preparing for such is by buying the best backpacking sleeping bag $under 100. The truth is that you don’t need to break the bank to land a good sleeping bag. With a budget of not more than $100, you can be able to land a high-quality bag with good insulation to guarantee the utmost warmth.

Besides buying a backpacking sleeping bag, some of the other things you need when backpacking include warm clothing, a sleeping pad, hood and sipping some warm drink before sleeping.

From our extensive research and in-depth analysis, we settled on the Kelty Mummy Sleeping Bag as the best backpacking sleeping under 100. If you enjoy outdoor pursuits and camping in colder months, you will appreciate the level of warmth that the bag from Kelty brings.

To combine compressibility and warmth, it utilizes ThermaPro tech. Its insulation is water-resistant, so you will remain warm even if it is wet. When it comes to packaging tightness, its compressibility is superior.

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