Best Portable Dog Fence for Camping With Your Dog

When camping with your best fuzzy friend, you want to make sure he is safe at all times. What better way to keep your dog safe while giving him the space to run free than a portable exercise pen? 

Portable dog fences and play pens allow your dog to exercise in a secure area with their durable, freestanding designs, tall sides, and gated entryways. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping your dog tied up to a tree or at your side, giving you both more freedom and making your adventures more stress-free.

While the overall winner of this product round-up is the Yaheetech Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen, there are other excellent options as well. Read on below for our full review of various exercise pens, so you can find the best portable dog fence for camping trips with Fido.

Portable Dog Fences Comparison Chart

Best OverallYAHEETECH Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen
  • Two Main Features: Secure J latching door
  • Multiple shape configurations and can add/remove panels
  • Size: 16 panels (66.52 sq ft)
  • Three heights: 24″, 32″, 40″
Best Wireless Portable Dog FencePetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System
  • Two Main Features: No wires or fence needed
  • Very large space to play
  • Size: Up to ½ acre
Best Budget PickHepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen Hepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
  • Two Main Features: Least expensive option
  • Creates a covered space instead of an open yard
  • Size: Small: 29 x 29 x 17 inches
  • Medium: 36 x 36 x 23 inches
BestPet Exercise Pen BestPet Exercise Pen
  • Two Main Features: Three available sizes
  • Multiple configurations possible; can add and remove panels
  • Size: 8 panels
  • Small: 24″ tall
  • Medium: 32″ tall
  • Large: 40″ tall
YAHEETECH Heavy Duty 8-Panel Pet Playpen YAHEETECH Heavy Duty 8-Panel Pet Playpen
  • Two Main Features: Secure J latching door
  • Multiple shape configurations and can add/remove panels
  • Size: 8 panels
  • Three heights: 24″, 32″, 40″
IRIS USA 34" Exercise 8-Panel Playpen with Door IRIS USA 34″ Exercise 8-Panel Playpen with Door
  • Two Main Features: Skid-proof rubber on bottom of pen
  • Small door for puppies
  • Size: 8 panels; 34″ tall
North States MyPet Petyard North States MyPet Petyard
  • Two Main Features: Skid-proof rubber on bottom of pen
  • Looks the nicest
  • Size: 8 panels; 26″ tall
  • 34.4 square feet

Review Of Best Portable Dog Fence 

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen – Best Overall

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen
5,285 Reviews
YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen
  • 🐶【Durable & Sturdy Dog Pen】Yaheetech dog playpen is made of electrophoresis metal panels and stakes with premium powder coating, non-toxic, anti-rust and waterproof.0.6 x 0.6’’ square tubes ensures safe and long-term use no matter indoor or outdoor.
  • 🐶【Large Play Yard for Your Pet】Dimension for Each Panel: 32”W x 24”H. Several pet playpens can be connected to a large one. It makes sure your pets run around without worrying about them running off
  • 🐶【Diy Multiple Shapes Easily】Sold in 16 panels in total. Separate Panels are connected by metal anchor stakes, which makes this dog playpen flexibly transformed into different shapes like octagon, square and rectangle in different sizes by adding or removing panels.
  • 🐶【Safe & Secure】Appropriate bar spacing and latch on the door can keep your pets safe in the exercise pen. Rounded edges protect animals from injury, which also prevent causing damage to wood/PVC floors. Stakes not only connect the panels firmly but also anchor the panels to the grassland or soft ground.
  • 🐶【Foldable & Convenient to Store】This 16 individual panels pet playpen can be disassembled into a flat and compact size for easy storing or transport when not in use. Modular fence easy to set up within a few minutes under the detailed instructions.No tools required.

The YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor 16-Panel Pet Playpen is our pick for best overall in this product round-up, because of its premium construction, various height options for safety, and large area for your dog to have the time of his life.

The Yaheetech pen can be used in both outdoor and indoor areas. It is constructed of sturdy, rust-resistant, satin electro-coated iron, so you won’t have to worry about long-term damage when camping on the rainy days. 

Yaheetech states that their playpens have undergone diligent durability tests to ensure that they remain standing in harsher weather conditions. Durable ground stakes keep the playpen standing securely. This exercise pen is best set up on even, flat ground with the panels close together using the metal insert rods for the ultimate security and sturdiness in the wind.

The Yaheetech pen features an overall interior size of 66.52 square feet, with each panel being 31.5 inches in width. You can choose from three different heights: 24 inches, 32 inches, or 40 inches. This makes the Yaheetech an extremely versatile option as well.

You can configure the shape of the Yaheetech dog pen to be a square, rectangle, octagon, or you can split it up so that there are eight panels in each section and connect them together to form an L shaped play area. This way, you can fit the exercise pen into the shape that best fits your yard or camping space.

If you have an even larger dog or a larger camping area that you want to take full advantage of, there is also a huge 32-panel version of this playpen, but keep in mind that this is much more expensive and much heavier.

Yaheetech had portability in mind as well, as this exercise pen folds down into a more compact rectangular shape that more easily fits into your car or storage space.

No tools are needed for setting up this playpen. Simply unfold the pen, set it up in the orientation and shape you want, insert the metal rods between each panel for security, and push in the ground stakes. 

The Yaheetech is outfitted with a hinged, step-through steel door that is raised slightly off the ground to prevent it from catching on the grass. This makes opening and closing the door frustration-free. The door is also equipped with a secure J-shaped latch bolt so it doesn’t accidentally open freely and allow your pets to escape.

Lastly, each panel can be removed entirely from the playpen structure, so you can make the design slightly smaller if needed. You can also add more panels from a second playpen or attach two playpens together for the ultimate exercise area.


  • Various height options depending on your dog’s needs
  • Durably constructed of iron (rust-resistant)
  • Stands up to rain and wind
  • Folds down to a more compact size for storage or transportation
  • Each panel is independent and can be removed or added
  • Various shape configurations
  • Durable ground stakes for security
  • Step-through door included with secure latch


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy 

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System (Above Ground Electric Pet Fence) – Best Wireless Portable Dog Fence

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System
10,995 Reviews
PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System
  • 1/2 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: The adjustable circular range can cover up to 1/2 acres from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter, and can be expanded further with purchase of an additional transmitter
  • NO DIGGING OR WIRE TO BURY: Sets up in just a few hours; a wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires
  • STATIC-FREE REENTRY: Unlike traditional in-ground fences, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary
  • PORTABLE: This portable system is terrific for camping, vacation homes, or anywhere you travel with access to an outlet
  • WATERPROOF COLLAR: The waterproof collar comfortably fits small, medium, and large pets 8 pounds and up and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches; compatible with all PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitters

The PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System is the best wireless portable dog fence in this product round-up. This is a great option if you don’t want to transport an actual fence to the campground or need the ultimate square footage of coverage. The PetSafe is truly the ultimate in portability, as it doesn’t require burying wires or using fencing.

The PetSafe Wireless Fence covers up to ½ acre of circular coverage, meaning that your dog will have extra space to run and play within the barrier. It is completely invisible, as there is no wire above-ground or underground. 

Try to set up the fence away from larger metal objects, because these can interfere with the transmission. Also, ensure that the transmitter is set up in an area where it will not get wet.

Purchase of the PetSafe Wireless Fence comes with a receiver collar, which is waterproof and adjustable to neck sizes of 6 to 28 inches, making it compatible with small, medium, or large dog breeds. The collar is safe only for dogs weighing 5 pounds and above. You can use the collar for up to two months, when you will likely receive a low battery warning.

Keep in mind that in order to safely use this wireless fencing system, your dog needs to be trained in usage of the fence, acclimated to the collar, and have a strong recall (meaning you can call your dog back to you), as the dog can walk through the barrier and escape despite the corrections from the collar. 

The PetSafe does have “static free re-entry,” meaning that the collar will not be shocked if the dog re-enters the fenced area from outside it. This will allow your dog to correctly return home without feeling punished.

Note that it is extremely important to train your dog to understand the barrier and the collar, as a dog will likely react in fear or aggression if suddenly shocked without warning. Make sure that you use the lowest static setting possible that works for your dog. There are five available levels of static correction.

The PetSafe does come with a professional training guide that recommends getting your dog accustomed to the system over a period of two weeks. Included with the purchase is also a set of 50 training flags that you can set up in the ground so that your dog can physically see where the barrier is.

The collar features a sound-only mode instead of those who feel uncomfortable using the static collar on their dog. It also features an automatic safety shut off.

PetSafe allows you to set up multiple collars to work within the barrier system, so you can have more than one dog within the space. You can also add more base unit transmitters to create overlapping circles and a larger area of coverage.


  • No wires
  • ½ acre area to play in (180 ft diameter)
  • Easy to set up in a few hours
  • Easy portability (small)
  • Static-free re-entry (no punishment for correct behavior)
  • Collar battery lasts up to two months
  • Collar has a sound-only training mode (no shock) and five static levels
  • Comes with training flags
  • Can set up multiple collars to work with the fence


  • Expensive 
  • Static corrections may cause reactivity or fear in your dog (must train and acclimate him before using the fence)

Hepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen – Best Budget Pick

Hepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
5,360 Reviews
Hepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
  • Durable and Spacious: This dog playpen is made from high quality Oxford coated material. Very lightweight yet extra strong. Roomy 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners. Spacious interior gives your pet room to play. it included free bonus (BONUS: Includes 1 carrying case + 1 collapsible pet food bowl.)
  • Convenient: It takes just seconds to Open from Folded. No assembly required. It is great for indoors, outdoors, traveling, camping, and more! Comes with a Free and Convenient Carrying Case & Collapsible 12 oz Pet Food Bowl. Ideal for Travel purposes.
  • Comfortable: Both the top cover and front door have zippers. The top is half mesh and provides shading from the sun so your pets can play in comfort.
  • Clean:Waterproof and Breathable because it is made of thick 600 Denier Oxford cloth that is easy to clean. It is 100% Washable to ensure that your pets will be safe in a clean environment!
  • Tip: If you have issues with quality or damage due to shipping please feel free to contact Customer Service. We will replace your Playpen or refund your money. We guarantee your satisfaction.

The Hepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen is the best choice for those on a budget. At a price point of only $33.97, the Hepeeng is a great option for small dogs to stay safe on your adventurous camping trips.

The Hepeeng pen comes in two sizes: small, which measures 29 x 29 x 17 inches, and medium, at 36 x 36 x 23 inches inside. This makes the Hepeeng suitable for small dogs weighing up to approximately 26 pounds.

This small pen is extremely lightweight, so it is easy to transport back and forth from the campground to home. It even comes with collapsible 12-ounce pet food or water bowl as well as a carrying case for easy transport.

The Hepeeng features a zippered front door, as well as a zippered top cover in case you want to place your dog into the pen from the top. For breathability, there is waterproof mesh surrounding all sides of the Hepeeng pen. The mesh is also designed to provide a shaded play area.

To set it up, simply unfold the pen and watch it pop to life. No tools are necessary.

Finally, the Hepeeng pen is waterproof, so you can wash it with a wet rag or a hose, although it is not washing machine-safe.


  • Safe space for small dogs
  • Two size options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Also includes a carrying case and 12-ounce collapsible pet bowl
  • Very easy to set up
  • Mesh for breathability and shade
  • Waterproof for cleaning purposes


  • Much smaller play area
  • Not sturdy in harsh weather or wind

BestPet Pet Playpen Dog Kennel 8 Panel Indoor Outdoor Folding Metal Portable Puppy Exercise Pen Dog Fence – Most Versatile Option

BestPet Exercise Pen
351 Reviews
BestPet Exercise Pen
  • ✔【A LARGE SECURE AREA】Our puppy playpen is great and keeps your pets safe from others, plenty of room for your pets and the sides of dog playpen are tall enough for a small child to reach into the enclosure. Have peace of mind to contain your pet within the enclosure. You can connect more pet playpen together to cover a larger area. puppy playpen dog playpen pet playpen
  • ✔【CHANGE THE SIZE WITHOUT ANY TOOLS】Our puppy playpen design allows for multiple shape configurations to meet your needs, such as the shape of rectangle, square or octagon. This dog playpen will be ideal for any pet lover. If you have any questions about our pet playpen, please feel free to contact us. puppy playpen dog playpen pet playpen
  • ✔【EASY TO SETUP】This dog playpen is a must have for any dog lovers. Quality of our pet playpen constructed with simple assembly instructions will set up in minutes. Our puppy playpen assembles and comes down quickly which is very important as you don't want to be wasting tons of time while enjoying time off. dog playpen pet playpen puppy playpen
  • ✔【PERFECT TO INDOOR AND OUTDOOR】Our dog playpen constructed from sturdy heavy duty rust resistant metal for increased longevity and durability. Durable puppy playpen great for indoor or outdoor use. Our pet playpen is your best choice! dog playpen puppy playpen pet playpen
  • ✔【GREAT FOR CAMPING】Our puppy playpen no tools required. Once you’re done, the pet playpen quickly collapses for convenient storage. our dog playpen light weight and collapsible design makes it ideal for travel and camping. puppy playpen pet playpen dog playpen

The BestPet Exercise Pen is the most versatile option in this product round-up, as it is available in three different sizes and two color options and can be configured into various shapes. With a locking door and rust-proof construction, the BestPet is a secure, long-lasting option.

With an easy set-up, the eight panels of the BestPet can be assembled in minutes without the need for any extra tools. The playpen is also collapsible down into a folded rectangular shape similar to the Yaheetech, so you can easily store it away during the off-seasons.

The eight panels of the BestPet have multiple possible configurations. You can even link several playpens together to fit a larger campground space.

Built with rust-resistant metal, the BestPet pen stands up to rainy conditions, so it is safe to leave it up over a period of time. The anchoring stakes help ensure it will stand securely in the wind. The BestPet also incorporates a locking door into its front panel for easy access as well.


  • Three available sizes with two color options
  • Multiple configurations possible
  • Can connect other pens to it for a larger play area
  • Rust-resistant metal
  • Has a locking door
  • Anchoring stakes included


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Heavy

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty 8-Panel Pet Playpen– Most Durable Smaller Exercise Pen

YAHEETECH Heavy Duty 8-Panel Pet Playpen
5,285 Reviews
YAHEETECH Heavy Duty 8-Panel Pet Playpen
  • 🐶【High Quality Material】This puppy playpen is made of strong and high quality Iron material, sturdy and durable to use.Quantity:1 x 8 Panels Dog Playpen
  • 🐶【Dog Playpens for the House Large dog】Dog exercise pens is constructed from sturdy heavy duty rust resistant metal for increased longevity and durability.Durable pet crate great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • 🐶【Large & Safe Space】32"W x 40"H of each panel. This interactive and expandable pet fence is suitable for small or medium pets, such as toy poodles, corgis, puppies, rabbits, ducks, bunny, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 🐶【Creating different shapes】Panels are connected by metal bars, which allow this dog playpen to be flexibly built in different shapes like octagon, square and rectangle in different sizes by adding or removing panels. You can purchase more sets to increase the playpen size.
  • 🐶【Foldable & Easy to Transport】The dog pen is connect by 8 individual panels.The unique fold and carry configuration allows you to transfer the dog pin from your home to vehicle quickly if you need to transfer your pet to another location.

The YAHEETECH Heavy Duty 8-Panel Pet Playpen is the smaller version of the Yaheetech that we reviewed above. This version is another durable exercise pen and is our pick for the best playpen for the most durable smaller exercise pen in this product round-up.

This version is constructed of the same high-quality rust-resistant metal as the larger version, making it a great option for camping in the great outdoors where the weather may be unpredictable.

This smaller 8-paneled Yaheetech pen is available in the same three height options as the larger version: 24 inches, 32 inches, and 40 inches, so you can choose the height that is most appropriate for your dog’s size and energy level. This version also includes the same locking door mechanism for security.

If you need to create a larger play area for your dog, you can either purchase one of the larger versions of the pen or buy individual panels and connect them to this smaller version. This makes the Yaheetech overall a rather versatile choice.


  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Can connect more panels for more space
  • The locking door is secure
  • Three height options


  • Expensive

IRIS USA 34” Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door – Best Option for a Puppy

29,952 Reviews
  • Portable, and can be positioned in different shapes to best suit your need: dog play yards, play gate, dog fence, and more
  • Made of durable molded plastic. Made in the USA
  • Non-skid rubber foot to protect flooring
  • Features a non-skid rubber foot to protect flooring
  • Suitable for medium to large size dogs; Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, French Bulldog, Shiba Inu, Golden Retriever

The IRIS USA 34″ Exercise 8-Panel Playpen with Door is the best exercise pen for a puppy because of its low-set door that is easy for a puppy to use. This easy-to-set-up playpen is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized dogs as well.

The IRIS exercise pen is available in two colors and consists of eight panels made of a molded plastic, so it is durable and easy to clean.

The playpen in total stands 34 inches tall, so while it is not the tallest of the products in this review, it is tall enough for a small to medium dog. The low-set hinged door is placed in the front panel and is perfect for a puppy or smaller dog to pass through. You can also lock the door with the included twist lock for extra security.

To set it up, simply snap the panels together. Similar to other playpens, the IRIS can be shaped into various configurations to fit your space. The IRIS pen is also equipped with a skid-resistant rubber footing across the bottom, so you can use it indoors as well as at the campsite. This makes it a versatile option. If used outdoors, simply wipe it down with a towel to clean.


  • More lightweight due to plastic construction
  • Low door for the puppy or small dog
  • Various shapes can be formed
  • Skid-resistant rubber footing


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Made of plastic, so less durable than the metal options

North States MyPet 34 Sq. Ft. Petyard Passage – Best Appearance

North States MyPet Petyard
8,369 Reviews
North States MyPet Petyard
  • WORRY-FREE SAFETY: Keep your pet contained and home safe with the MyPet 8-Panel Petyard Passage. This enclosure features a lockable door made of strong, durable plastic and comes in an attractive Espresso Brown finish that fits flawlessly with any décor.
  • AMAZING VALUE & CONVENIENT LOCKING PET DOOR: This enclosure features a small swinging door, IDEAL to allow pets enter in and out of the area, but also locks to securely contain your furry friends.
  • CONFIGURABLE FOR ANY SPACE: The 8-panel play yard is 26" Tall and encloses up to 34. 4 square feet of space. It can be made smaller by removing 2 panels at a time to create a smaller play area or a cozy crate for training or sleeping.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR FLOORS: Thanks to the durable skid-resistant pads, This play yard will stay put and won't scratch or damage flooring.
  • EASILY PORTABLE: With foldable panels and convenient carry strap, this lightweight yard is easy to move, perfect for travel, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Proudly made in the USA.

The North States MyPet Petyard pet enclosure is the most luxurious option for interior spaces as well as campgrounds. This pet playpen is available in a beautiful espresso brown finish that looks classy with your home’s interior while also being durable enough to be used in outdoor spaces, such as a campsite.

Standing only 26 inches tall, the North States pen is best for small to medium-sized dogs and includes 34.4 square feet of interior space. For set-up, simply unfold the panels and click them together per the instructions. Then, configure them into a shape that fits your space, from hexagonal to rectangular.

If you would like a smaller play area, the panels can be removed two at a time. You can even remove so many panels that the pen will form a small crate.

The North States pen boasts non-slip, anti-scratch padding along the bottom for indoor use. Easily cleanable with a wet towel, the North States pen is appropriate for outdoor use as well. You can simply fold up the panels and use the included carrying strap for easy transport between home and campground.

There is also a swing door for your dog to fit through, or you can lock the door for extra peace of mind.


  • Looks beautiful but is also functional
  • Skid-resistant padding along the bottom (won’t scratch the floor)
  • Lightweight
  • Carrying strap included
  • Easy to clean with a towel, soap, and water
  • Can remove panels for versatility 
  • Suitable for outside or inside usage


  • Only 26 inches tall, so maybe jumped over by larger dogs

Buying Guide: What to Look For in a Portable Dog Fence


Some portable dog fences may come with additional accessories, such as the dog bowl that comes with the Hepeeng pen. Other accessories may take the form of features on the dog pen itself, such as locking doors and non-skid rubber along the bottom of the pen. Also, some fences may include a carrying strap or pouch for easier transport.


For durability, look for a rust-resistant coated metal for outdoor use. This will stand up to the elements and last for many years. However, keep in mind that metal dog fences will be much heavier, although this will help them to stay in place even in windy conditions.

An alternative to metal is a durable plastic, which may look better if you plan to use the playpen inside your living space as well as outdoors. 


An exercise pen made of plastic will usually be lighter in weight than one constructed of metal. Therefore, a plastic exercise pen will be much easier to transport, carry, and store away. However, the lightweight body style may be less durable in the wind, so it may be better suited for mild climates if you plan to use it when camping.

The most lightweight option in this product round-up is the PetSafe wireless dog containment system (electric pet fence). It doesn’t involve a physical fence at all but rather a transmitter and receiver collar that your dog wears. This system is the ultimate option in lightweight portability.

Make sure that the exercise pen breaks down or folds into a more compact size to fit into your vehicle for easier transportation. 

The Benefits of Having a Portable Dog Fence


Purchasing a portable dog fence means that you have more options for keeping your dog safe, no matter where you are. 

Many exercise pens can be used either inside or outside, serving as a versatile space for your dog to play. If you would like to find a dog playpen appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, look for one with anti-scratch pads along the bottom of the pen to protect your floors. 

Portable dog fences are more flexible than traditional fences because they can be configured into various shapes on the go and changed each time you set them up. This way, they are adaptable for many different outdoor or indoor spaces.

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Portable exercise pens are clearly the more transportable choice than a traditional backyard fence, which is secured into the ground permanently. The ease of transporting the exercise pen makes it easier to keep your dog in a secure area in a multitude of locations and scenarios.

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While portable exercise pens may be less durable than a traditional fence made out of wood or metal secured into the ground, you can still choose between a few durable materials for the exercise pen. As we discussed, metal pens might be more resilient but may be prone to rusting, so make sure that the pen is equipped with a rust-free coating. Plastic pens will also be durable but more lightweight.

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Portable exercise pens are much more affordable than a traditional fence, which requires purchasing wood, nails, and other materials, plus all of the time you must spend setting up the fence or money you’ll have to pay for a fencing company to set up the yard for you. 

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To make sure that you can keep track of your dog while camping, a portable dog fence is a great option to give Rover a safe space to run around. That way, you and your dog can enjoy your time together without worrying about where the leash is.

The Yaheetech exercise pen, with its durable construction, securely latching door, and 16 paneled play area that can be configured into several shapes or connected to extra panels for even more space, is the clear winner of this product round-up. The BestPet playpen is another versatile option, with several color options and possible configurations.

If you’re looking for a more technologically advanced product, the PetSafe Wireless Containment System is your best bet, as long as you are willing to train your dog to use the collar safely.

No matter which option you choose, a portable dog fence will help your dog-friendly camping trips go much more smoothly.

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