The Best Hammock Straps On The Market [Review and Buying Review]

Nowadays hanging a hammock is as easy as loop, swoop, and pull. Daisy chain hammock straps are the most innovative and up to date design.

This popular style of hammock straps can be found at just about any outdoor retailer. However, if you want good quality, check out Eagles Nest Outfitters’ Atlas Hammock Straps and Suspension System. In our opinion, these are the best hammock straps of 2021.

That’s not all. We’ve selected 7 of the best hammock straps to review. Below you will find hammock straps rated for durability, fair price, length, and more.

Best OverallENO Atlas Hammock Straps & Suspension System ENO Atlas Hammock Straps & Suspension System
  • Length per strap: 9 feet
  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • Capacity: 400 pounds
runner upNature's Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps Nature’s Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps
  • Length per strap: 14 feet
  • Weight: 17.2 ounces
  • Capacity: 700 pounds
budget PickMalloMe XL Hammock Straps MalloMe XL Hammock Straps
  • Length per strap: 12 feet
  • Weight: 1.19 pound
  • Capacity: 700 pounds
Pro Hammock Tree Straps Pro Hammock Tree Straps
  • Length per strap: 11 feet
  • Weight: 22 ounces
  • Capacity: 400 pounds
Rallt Hammock Tree Straps Rallt Hammock Tree Straps
  • Length per strap: 10 feet
  • Weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Capacity: 2,000+ pounds
Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps
  • Length per strap: 10 feet
  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Capacity: 1,000 pounds

Hammock Straps Review

ENO Atlas Hammock Straps & Suspension System

ENO Atlas Hammock Straps & Suspension System
  • ADVENTURE IN STYLE: Atlas Straps are lightweight and compact, with the added plus of a handy storage bag to take them on the go.
  • HAMMOCKING DONE RIGHT: Pairs perfectly with any ENO Hammock (not included). Set up and start relaxing in seconds.
  • MASTER THE ART OF LOUNGING: Includes two straps that are each 9 feet long, allowing you to wrap them around big trees or wherever your adventure (nap) takes you.
  • TRUSTWORTHY MATERIAL: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep. The Atlas straps are made from durable PolyFilament webbing and support up to 400 pounds.
  • ENO GIVES BACK: ENO loves the outdoors and shows it by donating to organizations that preserve our wild places.

The best hammock straps on the market are the Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Atlas Suspension System.

ENO started with two brothers and a van, and it is now a major outdoor corporation. The great thing about ENO is that it is founded by hammock campers whose mission is to revolutionize hammock camping continually. They provide trustworthy products with a dedication to quality and performance.

The ENO Atlas Suspension System contains two hammock straps that are each 9 feet long and 1 inch wide. Straps of this size provide a good amount of length so you can hang your hammock from large trees or between trees that are far apart.

The Atlas straps are made from poly-filament webbing with 30 daisy chain loops. The poly-filament webbing has been strategically engineered to reduce sagging. The daisy chain design makes it easy for you to adjust the height of your hammock by omitting the need to secure the hammock by tying knots.

Rather than tying a knot at each end of your hammock, all you have to do is pass the end of the strap through a loop and pull tight. Then, you can secure your hammock to one of the daisy chain loops with a carabiner. It is important to note, carabiners are not included in the ENO Atlas Suspension System.

The ENO Atlas Hammock Straps weigh a total of 11 ounces (including the storage bag). Yet, each strap is rated to hold 200 pounds, making the total weight capacity 400 pounds. The compact size and lightweight nature of these straps make them good for backpacking or car camping.


  • Trusted company
  • 400-pound load capacity
  • 30 attachment points
  • 9 feet of length per strap


  • Carabiners not included

Nature’s Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps

Our runner up for the best hammock straps in 2021 is the Nature’s Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps.

These straps feature an extended length of 14 feet per strap, which really allows you to handpick your hammock location. Large trees nor trees far apart will stop you from sleeping exactly where you want. Each strap is ¾ of an inch thick, so they have minimal impact on trees.

Nature’s Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps each have 24 loops sewn into them. The loops are 4 inches apart from one another with triple reinforced stitching between each loop. This allows you to hang your hammock at the precise height you desire. Plus, it makes the straps compatible to use with any hammock.

Two aluminum wiregate carabiners are included with this hammock suspension system, along with a storage bag. Altogether, the suspension system and carabiners weigh 17.2 ounces in the bag. These hammock straps have trustworthy strength. The straps are rated at 700 pounds max load capacity, but tested to hold over 2,200 pounds combined.

The Hang Tight Hammock Straps are made of no-stretch polyester. Since the straps are 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} polyester, no stretch really means no stretch — even when wet. This means you can hang your hammock at a height that is easy for you to climb into, without worrying that you will end up on the ground halfway through the night.

Nature’s Hangout offers a 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} money-back guarantee on all of their products. In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects. There is truly no downside to testing out these straps for yourself.


  • 14 feet per strap
  • 24 attachment points per strap
  • Aluminum wiregate carabiners included
  • No stretch polyester
  • 700-pound weight capacity


  • On the heavier side

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

MalloMe XL Hammock Straps
  • #1 Hammock Tree Straps Set on Amazon: 12 Feet Long (24 Ft Total) x 1 Inch Wide (Tree Friendly), 20 Attachment Loops (40 Total), 1000+ Lbs Per Strap (2000+ Lbs Total). No-Stretch Heavy Duty Triple Stitched Seams, Set of 2 Straps with Two Free Locking Carabiners & Bag. Hang Your Portable Single and Double Parachute Hammocks
  • Fast & Easy To Hang Your Hammock: Setting up a hammock with MalloMe hammock hanging straps takes less than 1 minute! Setup and tear down is so easy with no complicated knots to learn. MalloMe Hammock Straps for Trees safely suspend you by anchor points that are over 25 feet apart. Perfect suspension for trees, posts, large rocks, roof racks, boat masts, docks, and more- great for camping, hiking, backpacking, cottage living - a must for your hammock outdoor furniture and outdoor patio furniture
  • Adjustable & No-Stretching For Comfort: Our daisy-chained loop system makes it easy to adjust the height of your hammock fast so that your hang is amazingly comfortable every time even around grand trunk trees. And with our high quality 100% polyester webbing material, where your hammock hangs is were it stays. No stretching and ending up on the ground after a while, even when wet.
  • Perfect Gift for Family and Friends: #1 Outdoor Camping Gear Hammock Set for Backyard, Backpacking Gear, Hiking Gear, or at the Beach for anyone looking for a high quality, great value product for the camping world to enjoy with the people you love. Must have for Camping Equipment and/or Camping Supplies

The MalloMe XL Hammock Straps are a great option for budget-friendly hammock straps because they deliver the latest strap design for about half the price. Based on customer reviews, these straps really do give you a lot of bang for your buck.

The MalloMe XL Hammock Straps measure 12 feet in length per strap with a thickness of 1 inch. These straps are rated with a factor of safety to hold a load capacity of 700 pounds per strap. However, the straps were tested to withstand a whole lot more, 1,000 pounds per strap to be exact.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would need a load capacity that high. It just goes to show that the straps are strong and durable. And, it attests to the strap’s ability to hold your weight without slipping or sagging.

Each of the MalloMe XL Hammock Straps has 20 daisy chain loops, so you can customize the height of your hammock. The straps are made of 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} polyester webbing and strengthened with triple reinforcement stitching between each loop.

Included with these straps, comes a storage bag and two locking carabiners to hang your hammock. The total weight of this suspension system is 1.19 pounds.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 12 feet per strap
  • 40 total attachment loops
  • Carabiners included


  • On the heavier side
  • Reinforcement stitching is thin

Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps

We’ve included the Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps in this review because they are great hammock straps with high-quality carabiners included.

The Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps each measure 11 feet by 1 inch. This makes them both tree-friendly and user friendly. They don’t harm the trees and they allow you to hang your hammock between trees that are up to 25 feet apart.

These straps have been tested to hold an excessively heavy load safely. Each strap can hold up to 600 pounds, making the total capacity 1,200 pounds. However, with an appropriate factor of safety in play, the straps are rated to hold a combined total of 400 pounds, max.

The material used to make these straps is 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} non-stretch polyester. There are 22 daisy chain loops on each of the two Pro Venture hammock straps. Between every loop, there is triple safety stitching for reinforcement. The non-stretch polyester combined with the reinforcement stitching between loops guarantees that your hammock won’t sag, no matter the weather conditions.

Included with the purchase of the Pro Venture Hammock Tree Straps are two carabiners and a carry bag. The carabiners are high quality, aluminum wiregate carabiners, with a 5 kN rating and a load capacity of 1,100 pounds each. Also included is a 8″ x 6″ x 2″ carry bag. The overall weight of the straps, carabiners, and bag is 22 ounces.


  • 11 feet long per strap
  • Carabiners and carry bag included
  • 5 kN carabiners
  • 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} non-stretch polyester


  • Rated weight capacity is on the lower end of the spectrum

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps
  • EXTRA LONG TREE STRAPS: Each hammock strap measures 10ft long (20ft total) and features 18 carabiner loops (36 in total), 3/4" 100% Non-Stretch Polyester tubular webbing, and reflective tracers for easy night navigation.
  • NO-NICK CARABINERS: Our suspension system includes 2 aluminum wire gate carabiners. These ultralight clips take up no room at all and support 2000+ lbs combined breaking strength, tested for strength and durability.
  • STRESS-FREE TRAVEL: Prepare to relax no matter where you are! Our hammock hanging kit packs into a tiny 4" x 4" x 1.5" stuff sack, weighing only 11.7oz and making a convenient, lightweight addition to your backpack or travel bag.
  • SET UP IN SECONDS: Quickly setup your outdoor hammock in just 1 minute with our daisy-chain loop system! No complicated knots to learn—simply wrap the straps around the tree and snap your heavy duty carabiner into one of 18 loops.
  • BUILT TO LAST: RALLT's hammock accessories are carefully crafted with strong, lightweight materials so you can camp with comfort for years to come. They also make for the perfect gift for every outdoor enthusiast.

We’ve selected the Rallt Hammock Tree Straps as the best ultralight hammock straps.

Rallt is an award-winning company founded by an outdoorsman, Mike, who was hooked on hammock camping from his very first hammock sleeping experience. Since then Mike has dedicated his career to producing high-quality hammocks and hammock accessories that weigh as little as possible. Purpose and Packability are what drives Rallt.

The Rallt Hammock Tree Straps are each 10 feet long and ¾ of an inch thick. They are truly ultralight, weighing only 11.7 ounces. These specs make the Rallt hammock straps great for backpacking.

The ultralight nature of these straps does not deter from their strength. Thick, double bar tack stitches between every one of the 18 attachment loops on each strap reinforce the seams and add to their strength. The Rallt Hammock Tree Straps have been tested to hold a combined weight of over 2,000 pounds safely.

The straps are made of 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} polyester. This ensures that your straps will not stretch, wet or dry. Reflective tracers are stitched vertically through the straps to help you more easily set up and locate your hammock in the dark.

Included with the Rallt Hammock Tree Straps purchase come two aluminum wiregate carabiners and a stuff sack. The carabiners are super strong, rated at 10 kN. These along with both hammock straps can fit into the 4″ x 4″ x 1.5″ stuff sack.


  • Ultralight – 11.2 ounces
  • ¾ inch thick
  • No-stretch polyester
  • Two 10kN carabiners included


  • Not as many attachment points as other brands

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps
  • EASY SET UP AND TAKE DOWN - The Bear Butt hammock straps for trees are so easy to set up and take down a 5 year old could do it in only a matter of minutes, making these the perfect tree straps for any outdoor hammock adventure. Add to cart now.
  • VERY STRONG, SAFE AND DURABLE - With a whopping 1000 pounds weight capacity, these hammock tree straps are extremely strong and made from specially formulated polyester that is more durable and safer than the cheap nylon hammock hanging kits.
  • EASY TO USE ADJUSTABLE LOOPS - Our hammock tree straps with carabiner require no knot tying. Simply loop each dasiy chain hammock strap around the tree, pull through the other end, and clip on your carabiner for the perfect hang.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - These lightweight hammock straps for porch, beach, camping, backpacking, and hiking come with everything you need. Plus, it all fits in a convenient portable carrying case that makes traveling a breeze. Get yours now.
  • HIGH QUALITY HAMMOCK STRAPS - The Bear Butt camping hammock straps are built to last a lifetime and with 40 combined loops and 20 feet total hammock strap length these are the most versatile tree straps on the market.

The Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Strap is a great strap that can go the distance. It has a good amount of length and is made with durable materials.

Each of the Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps is 10 feet long and 1 inch wide. 20 daisy chain loops are sewn into each strap, so you’ll have the perfect attachment point for any hammock you use.

Included with the straps are two carabiners and a carry case. Combined, the total weight is 13 ounces. We recommend hanging your hammock with more durable carabiners than the ones included. However, the included carabiners may come in handy for hanging gear off the hammock straps.

These straps are made from high-quality polyester webbing. Combined, the straps hold a total weight of up to 1,000 pounds. Yet, the straps themselves weigh less than one pound.

Between each attachment loop there Bear Butt has reinforced the strap with extra-wide, triple reinforcement stitching. Their specialized reinforcement stitching contains double the thread and double the thickness of standard reinforcement bar tacks.


  • 1,000-pound weight capacity
  • Extra reinforced stitching
  • Two carabiners included
  • 10 feet per strap
  • 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} polyester


  • Carabiners are not very durable

Hammock Strap and Suspension System Buying Guide

What to Know About Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is usually a non-issue when it comes to hammock straps. This is because the webbing used to make daisy chain hammock straps, like all the straps in this review, is extremely strong.

However, weight capacity is always a good thing to look into before you buy as it attests to the quality of the product. You may want to pay closer attention to weight capacity if you plan for your hammock to hold multiple people at one time.

The weight capacity of hammock straps commonly ranges from 400-1,000 pounds. Our top pick for hammock straps in 2021, the ENO Atlas Suspension System, is rated 400 pounds. The hammock straps that are marketed as the strongest straps in our hammock strap review are the Rallt Hammock Tree Straps. These straps have been tested to hold over 2,000 pounds.

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What to Look for in Terms of Hammock Strap Durability

Durability is the MVP of hammock strap qualities. You’ll want to purchase high-quality, high-performance hammock straps, or else you may find yourself suddenly on the ground.

Like we said before, polyester webbing is heavy-duty. It takes a lot for the webbing of hammock straps to be damaged or worn down. However, daisy chain straps have several seams where the loops attach to the main strap. These seams are the weakest points of hammock straps because they are subject to ripping apart.

A durable set of hammock straps has sufficient reinforcement stitching at the seams. Nature’s Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps and Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps are two examples of straps with sufficient reinforcement stitching. These brands combat the vulnerability of the seams with thick triple reinforcement stitching between each loop.

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How Long Should Your Hammock Straps Be?

The length of straps in our hammock strap review range from 9 to 14 feet. 9-foot straps usually offer more than enough length to get the job done. However, longer straps come in handy when you are hanging your hammock between large trees or trees that are far apart.

If you are purchasing hammock straps for backpacking, then we advise you to buy straps around 9 or 10 feet long. This length gives you enough freedom to find a prime hanging location without adding excess weight to your pack. If you aren’t worried about packed weight, extra-long straps can only be of benefit for hammock camping.

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Strap Extensions for Extra Length

Extra-long hammock straps can span a distance of over 25 feet. However, if you don’t have an extra-long pair of straps and don’t want to buy any, there are alternative options for extending your suspension system.

First off, if you have two pairs of hammock straps, you can link the straps together to create an extension. You can thread the additional strap through any of the daisy chain loops to achieve your exact desired length.

Additionally, there are hammock strap extenders that you can purchase separately. Extenders, such as the ENO Atlas EXT, are made of the same webbing as hammock straps. They easily attach to hammock straps and extend the length of the straps by about 10 feet.

Hammock Strap Material That Doesn’t Stretch.

Here’s a tip you don’t want to pass up. Only buy hammock straps made of 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} polyester. Do not buy nylon hammock straps.

Nylon straps will stretch over time or when they get wet, but polyester straps will not. So if you would like your straps to stay taught and your hammock to stay suspended in the air all night, then only use 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} polyester hammock straps.

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Are Hammock Straps Bad for Trees?

Some hammock straps can be harmful to trees. However, all the hammock straps included in our review are tree-friendly.

Eagles Nest Outfitters, the leading producer of hammocks and accessories, sets the bar for making straps that are not harmful to trees. They advise that using hammock straps that are 0.75 – 2 inches wide are considered tree-friendly. Straps of this size, made of polyester webbing, minimize damage to tree bark and prevent tissue death.

To further protect trees from potential damage, you can use tree protector wraps. These wraps are much thicker and softer than hammock straps. They wrap around the anchor trees and provide a base layer for you to wrap your hammock straps on top of.

Can You Hang Your Hammock Anywhere?

Before you hang your hammock using hammock straps, check with your campsite. Some national parks and local campsites put restrictions in place to protect their trees.

Many places do allow hammock camping. However, there may be guidelines for strap thickness or hanging locations that you will want to look into. Breaking these restrictions could end in a fine.

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How High Should You Wrap Hammock Straps Around Trees?

Ultimately, you want your hammock to hang about a foot and a half above the ground when you are resting in it. However, there are many factors to take into account when securing your straps.

ENO recommends hanging your straps at least 5 feet from the ground. Although, keep in mind the distance between your anchor points and your weight, and adjust your anchor height from there.

What Does “Factor of Safety” Mean?

The factor of safety is the gap between the rated weight capacity and the tested weight capacity of a product.

When looking at the technical specifications of hammock straps, you will often see a tested weight capacity and a rated weight capacity. The tested load capacity demonstrates the absolute maximum load the product can withstand.

However, to decrease liability issues, companies will often take a factor of safety into account and rate the weight capacity significantly lower. This is done to protect the company, but also to protect the consumer.

So, What are the Best Hammock Straps of 2021?

The best hammock straps of 2021 are the Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Straps and Suspension System. This hammock suspension system is lightweight, durable, and user friendly.

Other great options include the Nature’s Hangout XL Hang Tight Hammock Straps and the Rallt Hammock Tree Straps. The Nature’s Hangout straps are extra long and can hold a lot of weight. Whereas, the Rallt straps are extremely lightweight while still being strong and durable.

Whichever hammock straps you choose, they are sure to be easy to use and secure your hammock well.

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