What is The Best Teepee Tent [Review and Buying Guide]

The truth about teepee tents is that they are outrageously underrated.

Did you know that teepee tents are extremely spacious, tall enough to stand up in, and easy to set up? You can even put a wood-burning stove inside some.

If you’re sold already, we suggest checking out Guide Gear’s Deluxe Teepee Tent. This tent is a great teepee tent for adults.

Read on to learn more about teepee tents for all your outdoor outings.

Best OverallGuide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent
  • Capacity: 8-10 Person
Best On BudgetGuide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent Winterial Teepee Tent
  • Capacity: 6-7 Person
Vidalido Teepee Tent Vidalido Teepee Tent
  • Capacity: 4-5 Person
Wenzel Shenanigan Tent Wenzel Shenanigan Tent
  • Capacity: 5 Person
SAFACUS Teepee Tent SAFACUS Teepee Tent
  • Capacity: 5-6 Person
OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent
  • Capacity: 1-2 Person
Skandika Teepee Tent Skandika Teepee Tent
  • Capacity: 12 Person
Dream House Luxury Bell Tent Dream House Luxury Bell Tent
  • Capacity: 6-7 Person
Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee Tent Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee Tent
  • Capacity: 4-7 Person


Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent– Best Overall

Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent
48 Reviews

The best overall teepee tent of 2020 is Guide Gear’s Deluxe Teepee Tent. This tent is a re-make of their popular teepee tent. The upgraded design has superior ventilation and a fully attached vestibule.

The Deluxe Teepee Tent measures 14 ft x 14 ft with a 9 ft center height. A tent this size can sleep 8-10 people. However, a maximum capacity of 6 people is recommended if you are packing a lot of gear.

This tent is made of 190D Polyester and waterproofed with a 1200mm polyurethane coating. This material is extremely lightweight which makes the tent weigh only 24 pounds. But, rest assured, lightweight does not mean weak. The denier count of 190 is very high, which means the material is durable.

The vestibule extends off of the entrance of the tent. It is fully attached and measures 49.2″ x 51.2″ x 70.9″ h. The floor of this vestibule is removable, which makes it highly versatile. You can use it as a place to drop shoes and wet gear, a sleeping area for dogs, or extra storage space.

The Deluxe Teepee Tent features factory-sealed seams, a waterproof coating, and weatherproof windows to prevent water from leaking into the tent. The weatherproof windows are clear plastic with privacy shades that can be rolled down.

These windows do not offer ventilation, so ground vents are located around the tent walls to aid in airflow. An additional vent is at the tent’s peak that can be exposed or covered with a rain cap. The center zip door has a layer of no-see-um mesh for additional ventilation.


  • Ground ventilation
  • Large vestibule
  • Lightweight polyester material
  • Weatherproof windows


  • The vestibule cannot be removed
  • No stove jack

Winterial Teepee Tent– Best On Budget

Winterial Teepee Tent
189 Reviews
Winterial Teepee Tent
  • ALL PURPOSE TENT - The Winterial 4 Season Teepee Tent for adults features a 6-7 people capacity and sets up quick and easy! A perfect choice for family camping, backpacking and all-around adventuring.
  • EASY & FAST SETUP - The Winterial Teepee Tent was designed with ease of setup in mind. Simply stake down all outside points, pitch the tent with the single center pole and stake the integrated guylines. Have your yurt tent set up within 5 minutes!
  • 4 SEASON DESIGN - Constructed with ultra tough and waterproof 210T polyester, waterproof stitching and featuring multiple air vents, the Winterial Teepee Tent is the perfect all-weather tent.
  • SLEEP 6-7 PEOPLE - With plenty of room to fit 6-7 people, your family camping trip could not be any easier! The Winterial Teepee tent is also a perfect 2-3 person tent with plenty of internal room for gear and storage.
  • EASY TAKEDOWN & TRAVEL - The Winterial Teepee Tent comes with an oversized travel bag making packing up easier than ever. The full tent package weighs in at only 15 pounds!

The Winterial Teepee Tent is our pick for the best budget-friendly teepee tent. This tent packs a lot of value. For only $150 you can get a 6-7 person teepee tent that measures 12×12 and weighs only 15 lbs.

The tent material is 210T Polyester, which is highly water-resistant and very durable. A rain cap is included with the tent so you can cover the peak when it rains. And, the floor is a thick polyester that resists tears and penetrations. The tent is structured around one aluminum pole in the center of the tent.

This tent has 4 waterproof windows. Similar to the Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent, the windows are clear plastic and do not provide ventilation. To optimize airflow, 4 mesh vents are located low to the ground around the tent walls.

This type of ventilation is beneficial because it moves air through the sleeping zone of the tent. You won’t need to worry about breathing stuffy air at night in this tent. Another beneficial ventilation feature of this tent is the two tent doors. One door on either side with a zippered screen allows for a cross breeze to flow through the tent.

The Winterial Teepee Tent is easy to set up and has several guy outlines attached to the outside of the tent. These lines provide structure, optimize interior space, and offer stability support in strong winds.

The lightweight and durable nature of this tent makes it a great backpacking or mountaineering teepee tent.


  • Low cost
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable material
  • Ground ventilation


  • Aluminum pole is not as strong as steel
  • The peak is not covered by mesh

Vidalido Teepee Tent

Vidalido Teepee Tent
807 Reviews
Vidalido Teepee Tent
  • MULTIFUNCTION USE:Conical appearance, with enough space and height inside, can make people stand inside the tent without restriction.When you travel outdoors, if you need to change clothes, this tent will make you feel very convenient.You can also remove the external account for two installs, and you can use the outside account as a temporary dressing room, bathroom and toilet.The purchase of a Indian dome is equivalent to the purchase of two outdoor travel tents.
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION:The tipi family tent is made of anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and 150D Oxford fabric for long lasting performance. Premium anti-rust and reinforced steel tent poles provide a sturdy structural support. Stitching taping and caulking treatment complement the premium waterproof,tough enough to withsand wind、rain. Fabric to keep the interior dry in rainy days.
  • COST PERFORMANCE:This tent has a capacity of 5-6 people! Perfect for family camping or adventures with friends. This is the perfect family tent for any adventure! High Quality,Extremely lightweight,Bring the VIDALIDO hiking Tent on your next outdoor adventure, and you'll sleep soundly knowing you saved BIG money!
  • VENTILATION: Both doors and windows are 2000D PU 3000MM high-density mesh structure design.Nylon polyester mesh doors and roof allow for great views and excellent airflow while keeping biting insects out.It is the ideal big camping tents and the four sides are surrounded by big landing balcony. You can make yourself in the flower sea to enjoy various beautiful sceneries and feel the nature.
  • EASY SETUP&PORTABLE: We have designed this tent to be very easy to setup.Our team was able to do this in 5 minutes or less! Tent pole design allows for undemanding and straight forward setup in minutes. A convenient carrying bag makes the tent easy to be carried around or stored away.

The Vidalido Teepee Tent is the most versatile of the tents on this teepee tent review.This tent features two layers that allow for various levels of functionality.

The double layers can essentially be split into two separate tents. One completely mesh tent with a ground tarp and one outer shell canopy that is open to the ground.

These two layers can be used for a variety of purposes. The outer shell serves as a great food tent, dressing room, bathroom, or outdoor patio. The inner, mesh layer works well as a playpen for small children or a visible enclosure for dogs. With that being said, it is important to note, if you plan to use both layers separate from each other, you need to purchase an additional center pole.

This tent features durable and water-resistant materials. It is made of 190T Polyester, patterned for tear resistance, and 150D Oxford. The pole is made of anti-rust steel. Seam taping and caulking treatments have been used to keep water out of the tent.

The Vidalido Teepee Tent measures 12 ft x 10 ft, with a center height of 8 ft. Space this size comfortably sleeps, 5-6 people. Two large doors sit back to back, allowing them to essentially function as one large door. When open, the doors’ outer shell can be raised to create an awning outside of the tent. 


  • Two layers that can be used separately
  • Steel pole
  • Unique appearance
  • Two doors, back to back


  • Only one window
  • No ground ventilation

Wenzel Shenanigan 5 Tent– Best Teepee Tent For Family Camping

Wenzel Shenanigan Tent
71 Reviews
Wenzel Shenanigan Tent
  • Easy 1 pole setup with fast feet
  • 3 roll back window flaps
  • Hi-low ventilation system with roof vents
  • Spruce up the camp vibes
  • Polyester canopy material and welded polyethlene flooring

The Wenzel Shenanigan 5 Tent is the best teepee tent for family camping. It is easy to use and its unique design is an exciting flare for children.

Like most teepee tents, this tent is structured around one center pole and uses stakes to stabilize the tent walls. You can have this tent set up in as little as five minutes. The tent has one, center-zip door and three mesh windows with coverings around the walls. The doors and windows really help to give this tent good ventilation.

In addition, there are peak vents and two ground vents located low to the  ground on opposite tent walls. The ground vents can be opened and staked down from the exterior of the tent. Ground ventilation is a key feature that creates a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. It does this by enabling airflow and reducing condensation in the sleeping zone of the tent.

This tent is made of lightweight Polyester. When packed, the tent only ways 10.63 lbs. The floor area measures roughly 11.5 ft x 10 ft, and the center height reaches 7.5 ft.

The Wenzel Shenanigan 5 has received rave reviews with an average rating of 9.7 stars on different websites. If you like the looks of this tent but need something bigger, it can also be found as an 8 person tent.


  • Fun design
  • Ground ventilation
  • Mesh doors and windows
  • Easy to use


  • Size may be small for a larger family
  • Few guy outlines

SAFACUS Teepee Tent– Best Cool Weather Teepee Tent

SAFACUS Teepee Tent
42 Reviews
SAFACUS Teepee Tent
  • 【Double Doors】: Zipper door with double layers can do the best for ventilation, and waterproof rainfly can keep the tent dry.
  • 【Rainfly Material】: 68D / 190T fabric, PU 2000mm, so it will make waterproofness better for the tent.
  • 【Optimal Temperature】: This tent is ideally that used under 70F degrees,and can use in the early winter.
  • 【Floor area】: diameter 11.5 feet with 10 sides
  • 【Total weight】: 15 lbs , Package size: 8.7" x 8.7" x 25"

The Safacus Teepee Tent is our pick for the best cool weather teepee tent.

First let’s talk numbers. This tent has a 5-6 person maximum sleeping capacity. The floor area measures about 11.5 feet in all directions. There are 10 sides to this tent, making it easier for you to optimize the tent’s floor space. When packed the Safacus Teepee Tent weighs 15 lbs.

As far as the layout of the tent goes , it is centered around one steel pole. There are double doors at the front of the tent with mesh screens. Four windows are located around the tent walls. However, these windows are PVC (clear plastic). Since the windows do not provide airflow, there are ground vents under each window.

Ventilation comes high and low in this tent. The peak of the teepee is ventilated. As well as, the sleeping zone of the teepee with the four ground vents. This combination offers air to flow from top to bottom. In addition, the doors can be rolled back to reveal the mesh screen doors. This will provide a good amount of extra airflow.

The Safacus Teepee Tent does best in cool temperatures. The blue material and PVC windows can heat up the tent, so Safacus recommends using this tent at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below.


  • Fun color for family camping
  • Ground ventilation
  • Rain cap included
  • Screen doors


  • Not ideal in warm weather

OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent– Best Backpacking Teepee Tent

OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent
227 Reviews
OneTigris Smokey HUT Ultralight Hot Tent
  • Quality Materail: Made with 20D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric with waterproof YKK Zippers and waterproof treated seams, waterproof rating 2000mm, lightweight, durable and highly versatile
  • Double Tent: 10.4ft (3.2m) in Diameter, 5.2ft (1.6m) in Height, ample space for 2 persons with a top opening for a wood burning stove and hot flue pipe (the "chimney")
  • Quick Setting: Comes with no tent bottom, only a full set of kits (an lightweight aluminum tent pole in 5.2ft, 4 guylines & 10 aluminum stakes) for a quick and easy setup and take down in the cold
  • Good Ventilation: 2 windows for ventilation at the top for good airflow with 1 zippered side entrance
  • Ultralight & Compact: Weighs only 2.6Ib (1200g), a super light double shelter for the adventurers, one waterproof stuff sack for easy storage & carry

We’ve selected the OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent as the best backpacking teepee tent. This tent sleeps 1-2 people and is ultralight, weighing only 2.6 lbs.

In designing the Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent, OneTigris used only the best quality materials. The tent body is made of 20D Silicone-coated Nylon, which is stronger than Polyester. Waterproof YKK zippers and taped seams are used to ensure a dry interior. This tent has an overall waterproof rating of 3000 mm.

One key feature of this tent that makes it a great 4-season tent is the stove jack. The stove jack can fit a small wood-burning stove. The exact measurements of the opening are 22 cm x 22 cm. The jack is located on the right side of the tent near the door. 

The OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent does not come with a tent bottom. The purpose of this tent is to be as lightweight as possible for backcountry excursions. For this reason the tent is best used as a backcountry, mountaineering, or backwoods hunting tent. Another alternative would be to use a separate tarp as your tent floor.

Of course, there are times when you do want to let the outside air into your tent. This tent comes with two windows on the roof of the tent. These can be opened to increase airflow inside the tent.

OneTigris is a trusted outdoor equipment company and this tent demonstrates its high quality products.


  • Weighs only 2.6 lbs
  • Stove jack
  • Backcountry compatible
  • YKK zippers


  • No tent bottom

Skandika Teepee Tent

Skandika Teepee Tent
59 Reviews
Skandika Teepee Tent
  • Huge 12 person Teepee tent with a 3 metre central pole and the protection of a sewn-in groundsheet
  • Great weather protection with a 3000mm water column flysheet and a 5000mm water column groundsheet
  • Ventilation apertures let the air circulate and therefore, significantly reduce the inside temperature
  • Material (flysheet): 150D Polyester, PU coated Material (floor): PE 120 g/m
  • Repair set included

The most spacious teepee tent on our review is the Skandika Teepee Tent. If you’re looking for a large polyester teepee tent, look no further.

The Skandika Teepee Tent is a massive 12 person tent. The floor area measures about 18 feet in diameter, and the peak reaches 9 ft 9 in. Aside from the pole in the center of the tent, this floor space’s entirety is usable.

The tent material is a 150D polyester with a water-resistant coating. The flysheet has a waterproof rating of 3000 mm and the floor has a rating of 5000 mm. With that being said, reviews caution that you may want to further waterproof this tent before using it.

The Skandika Teepee Tent features two large doors. Small PVC windows and mesh ground vents are located in the sleeping zone of the tent. The ground vents and doors can offer a cross breeze to flow through the tent to increase ventilation.

Amazon reviewers have given the Skandika Teepee Tent a rating of 8.1 stars.


  • Very large floor area
  • Two doors
  • Ground ventilatio


  • Windows are very small
  • Manual waterproofing may be necessary

Dream House Luxury Bell Tent– Most Luxurious Teepee Tent

Dream House Luxury Bell Tent
156 Reviews
Dream House Luxury Bell Tent
  • Size: Diameter 4 meter i.e. 13.1ft
  • Cover material: 0.63 lbs/10ft2 (285g/sqm) beige cotton canvas with 3000mm waterproof PU, tent with seam taped; Ground sheet material: 1.2 lbs/10ft2 (540g/sqm) PVC; the tent is waterpoof on its own, it is alright to resist the light and moderate rain. Please use the cloth to cover the zipper closely, especially in rainy day, so the rain won't leak in from zipper around the ground.
  • Center pole material: diameter 1.5in (38mm) x thickness 2/25in (2mm) galvanized steel tubes
  • Door pole material: diameter 3/4in (19mm) x thickness 1/25in (1mm) galvanized steel tubes
  • Please note to place the chimney hole on the sloping roof may lead to water leakage, that's why we design the chimney hole on the side wall.

The most luxurious teepee tent on this review is the Dream House Luxury Bell Tent. This canvas teepee tent is great for glamping, outdoor events, or just plain ol’ camping.

This teepee tent differs from the others in that it is made of cotton canvas rather than Polyester. Cotton canvas is more breathable than Polyester, good at insulating, and naturally waterproof.

The diameter of this luxury bell tent is 13.1 feet. This space can fit two queen size mattresses with room to spare. The vertical sidewalls enable you to use every inch of floor space, which increases the liveability factor of this tent.

The tent is held up with one large steel pole and an A-frame pole that provides structure for the door. There are windows located on the sidewalls all around the tent. All doors and windows have mosquito mesh screens, so they can be opened for ventilation. In addition, smaller vents are located at the top of the teepee.

The groundsheet attaches to the sidewalls of the tent with a zipper. This means that the sidewalls can disconnect and be rolled up to create a floating bell canopy. You’ll find that this comes in handy for outdoor events or summertime camping when you want more airflow.

The Dream House Luxury Bell Tent has received rave reviews. It has an overall rating of 9 stars.


  • Cotton canvas
  • Vertical sidewalls
  • Detachable groundsheet
  • A-frame door


  • Heavy (50 lbs)
  • Needs to be weathered before use

Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee

Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee Tent
126 Reviews
Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee Tent
  • 【COLOR&SIZE】Green. 13ft/16.4ft . Green tents provide better shelter for the forest adventure and hunting.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT&DURABILITY】 Only 25lb, best for those who don't want to carry heavy luggage while camping. Body fabric: Lattice anti-tear 300D Oxford Sunscreen silver coated, UV protection up to 99%, waterproof 3000mm+, Bottom floor fabric: PU coated Oxford, waterproof 5000mm+.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT&DURABILITY】 Only 25lb, best for those who don't want to carry heavy luggage while camping. Body fabric: Lattice anti-tear 300D Oxford Sunscreen silver coated, UV protection up to 99%, waterproof 3000mm+, Bottom floor fabric: PU coated Oxford, waterproof 5000mm+.
  • 【ROOMY CAPACITY】This large tent has a capacity of 4-7 people! Perfect for family camping or adventures with friends, traveling, backpacking, hiking, festivals outdoors This is the perfect family tent for any adventure!
  • 【PACKING INCLUDE】Packing size: 30x10x10inch and packing include the metal stakes, wind ropes, metal poles, green yurt tent and carry bag.

We’ve selected the Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee as the best large size backpacking teepee tent. 

This teepee weighs only 25 lbs. This is exceptionally lightweight for a teepee tent of this size. You can easily split this between two packs or even carry it yourself on a short trek.

This polyester bell tent has a diameter of 13 ft and a peak height of 8 ft. It can comfortably sleep 4-7 people. The tent body is made of Lattice anti-tear 300D Oxford that has a 3000 mm waterproof rating. The floor is made of PU coated Oxford with a waterproof rating of 5000 mm.

There is plenty of opportunity for ventilation in this teepee tent. The large A-frame door rises 60 inches and has a screen, so it can be left open. Additionally, there are three ventilating windows and three peak vents. The windows are located all around the tent to make a cross-breeze possible.

This tent features two additional windows made of clear plastic. These windows do not ventilate, but they do let in light.

One benefit to a bell style tent like this one is the tall sidewalls. These sidewalls rise vertically for about 3 feet before slanting toward the peak of the tent. This allows you to use every inch of floor space. You can store luggage on the side of the tent or even set up camping furniture to make the best use of your space.

Reviewing customers have been highly satisfied with the Danchel 4000 Pro Backpacking Teepee Tent.


  • A-frame door
  • Large ventilating windows
  • 13-ft diameter
  • Lightweight
  • Vertical sidewalls


  • 2 out of the 5 windows do not ventilate

Buying Guide

Polyester Vs. Canvas Teepee Tents

Teepee tents generally come in one of two types of fabric: canvas or Polyester. Both fabrics are highly durable, and each has its own unique benefits.

The majority of teepee tents in this review are made of Polyester. Polyester is extremely lightweight and sheds water easily. This makes polyester teepee tents great for backpacking. You wouldn’t want to carry a heavy canvas teepee in your pack.

The downside to Polyester is that it isn’t as breathable as canvas. However, not worrying about hindering breathability allows you to add a wide variety of extra waterproof coatings.

Cotton canvas was the material first used in manufactured teepee tents, and is still used today. Canvas is a thick, yet breathable, material with natural waterproof and rot-resistant qualities. And, it is better at insulating a tent than Polyester.

Canvas is your go-to material for a teepee tent if you are car camping or camping long term. It is important to note that canvas, unlike Polyester, needs to be weathered before using it. If you’re interested in a canvas teepee, check out the Dream House Luxury Bell Tent in this review.

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Teepee Tent Size Guide

Sizing a teepee tent by the amount of people sleeping in the tent is slightly more forgiving than standard tents. Tent sizing by person is notorious for erring on the small size. You can see by looking at the sizing diagram that tent companies use every inch of floor space in standard tent sizing.

However, since teepee tents are round, there are some empty spaces on those sizing diagrams. So, when you’re sizing your teepee tent by the number of campers you can count on it to be a little more accurate than standard tents.

Still, it’s probably a good idea to size your tent based on purpose, not person. 

If you are purchasing a mountaineering teepee tent, you will want to keep it as small as possible. This will allow you to easily carry the tent in your pack. Besides, your gear and the amount of time spent in the tent will be limited, so size should not be your biggest priority.

If you invest in a family camping tent or a festival teepee tent, then your freedom with size is as big as your budget. The Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent and the Winterial Teepee tent are good examples of spacious teepees that are fit for family camping.

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Is it Hard to Set Up a Teepee Tent?

The great thing about teepee tents is that the set up process is pretty standard. Once you’ve set up one teepee tent, you can set up any teepee tent — no instructions necessary.

All you have to do is, first, set up the center pole inside of the tent. Then simply stake out the exterior circumference of the teepee. In order, to achieve maximum stability and interior space, you’ll want to stake out each edge as far as possible. Lastly, secure guy out lines for extra support. 

Setup is easier with two people. This is especially true when stabilizing the center pole. However, it is 100% possible to set up a teepee tent by yourself.

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The Best and Worst Ventilation in Teepee Tents

Most teepee tents have a high-low ventilation system. This means there is a series of small vents at the peak of the tent. And some form of ventilation in the lower section of the tent.

Lower ventilation can come in the form of doors, windows, or ground vents. Depending on doors as the sole form of lower ventilation is not ideal. Especially if you don’t want to sleep with the door open.

Window ventilation is a step up. Most ventilating windows are a mesh material with a protective flap that can be rolled up and down. If windows are the primary form of ventilation in your prospective teepee tent, make sure there are several of them. You’ll also want windows on opposite sides of the tent in order to form a cross breeze.

The best form of lower ventilation are ground vents, favorable in combination with ventilating windows. Ground vents are located on the lower sidewalls of the tent and are easy to use. They ventilate the sleeping zone of the tent. And, they usually have a protective fly, so you can use them in the rain.

The Wenzel Shenanigan Teepee Tent is a good example of a tent that has optimal ventilation. This tent has a screen door, mesh windows, and ground vents.

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How to Waterproof a Teepee Tent

Both Polyester and canvas have supreme waterproofing qualities. Many people choose to add extra waterproof coatings to their tents. You can coat teepee tents too, but make sure to use the right product. Canvas tents require special coatings that will not hinder the breathable qualities of the material.

As noted earlier, you do need to weather a canvas tent before use. This can be as simple as spraying it down with a garden hose and setting it out to dry. Canvas expands and then shrinks upon first — and only first — contact with water. If you don’t give it the chance to do this before using it, then you may be subjected to leakage as the material expands in the rain.

Some other features can aid in water resistance. A tent with substantial guy out points will allow you to structure the tent so that water can easily roll off of it and onto the ground. Treated seams, such as taped, sealed, or welded seams, will shed water rather than absorb it. And, a rain cap for the peak of the tent will ensure that no water enters at the top.


Why Choose a Teepee Tent?

There are many benefits to camping in a teepee tent. For one, most teepee tents for 6+ people have a center height of at least 7 feet. A tall center height is one of the perks of teepee tents, because it does not hinder tall people from standing up while inside the tent.

Other benefits include high-low ventilation that keeps the teepee cooler than a standard tent, and the easy set up process. The list goes on. You won’t fully understand how great teepee tents are until you try one out for yourself.

Will the Center Pole Fall if You Bump Into it?

A common concern from prospective teepee campers is the stability of the center pole. Since the entire teepee is structured around one center pole, the thought of it falling over is certainly concerning. 

However, when properly setting up a teepee tent, the exterior edges are pulled tight and staked into place. As you pull each tent wall taught, it distributes the stress on the pole out toward every edge of the tent. In addition, this stabilizes the center pole into place.

After the tent is completely set up, you might be surprised how hard it is to actually knock over that center pole. With that being said, you should always take caution not to bump into it.

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Do You Need a Rainfly For Your Teepee?

No, you do not need a rainfly for your teepee tent. Teepee tents are made of either canvas or Polyester, which are both waterproof materials.

Some teepee tents, however, may require a rain cap to cover the peak of the tent. This is a smaller, teepee shaped piece of fabric that secures in place to cover the peak of the teepee. More often than not, the rain cap is included with the purchase of your teepee if it is required.

What Are Some Uses for Teepee Tents Other Than Camping?

Teepee tents have been rising in popularity because of their versatility. You can use a small teepee as a shower, bathroom, or dressing room hut. A medium-sized teepee can be used as a food canopy. And, a large teepee can be used for outdoor entertainment for occasions from backyard bar-b-ques to outdoor weddings.

The Vidalido Teepee is a good example of a teepee tent that can be used for alternative purposes. You can even use it as a covered seating area by setting up the door as an awning.

Canvas Bell Tents like the Dream House Luxury Bell Tent have a more elegant look. These types of teepees are often seen at outdoor receptions. They have an added level of versatility because the floor can be detached and the side walls can be rolled up to create a floating canopy. This is a modern yet elegant look for a baby shower or wedding venue.

Additionally, many people take teepee tents to outdoor festivals. The wide openings offer an open layout for indoor/outdoor entertainment. Not to mention, teepees have that boho aesthetic look that you so often find at festivals.

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What is the Best Teepee Tent?

The overall best teepee tent for camping of 2020 is the Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent. This tent checks all the boxes with its durable materials, spacious layout, and large vestibule for extra storage.

We know teepee tents serve a lot of different purposes, so we’ve also reviewed our favorites across multiple categories. The  OneTigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent is an exceptional small size, backpacking teepee. Whereas, the Dream House Luxury Bell Tent is a great option for long-term camping or outdoor entertainment.

Whichever you choose, the teepee tents on this review have proven to exceed expectations.

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