The Best Tent for Summer Camping [Review and Buying Guide

When you’re planning a camping trip in the middle of the summer, you should be prepared with a tent that is well-equipped to handle such warm weather. These tents will be built with ventilation in mind to prevent stuffiness, discomfort, or overheating.

The best overall tent for hot weather is the Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent, which is a lightweight, ventilated option for your camping trips. However, there are several other solutions as well, so it’s imperative to review the specifications and features of various tents before making such an important purchase.

Read on for our product round-up to learn about the details of some of the highest-rated warm-weather tents, so you can be ready with the best tent for hot weather.

Best OverallHyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent
  • Tent Size: 1 or 2 people, depending on the size you choose
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: Insect mesh; lightweight; easy to set up; durable materials
Runner Up Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent
  • Tent Size: 10 people
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: All-mesh ceiling under a removable rainfly; very heavy; 14 x 10’ floor area; room divider; gear loft included
Best Budget OptionParia Outdoor Products Breeze Mesh Tent Paria Outdoor Products Breeze Mesh Tent
  • Tent Size: 2 people
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: Weighs only 21 ounces (24 ounces with lines and stakes included); small packed size; insect mesh; single door
Premium PickKelty Late Start 4-Person Backpacking Tent Kelty Late Start 4-Person Backpacking Tent
  • Tent Size: 4 people
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: Extremely simple and fast set-up; rainfly; only one door; weighs 6 pounds 14 ounces
Coleman Dome Tent Coleman Dome Tent
  • Tent Size: 4 people
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: Darkroom technology reduces sun’s rays; divided screen room
Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3-Person Backpacking Tent Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3-Person Backpacking Tent
  • Tent Size: Multiple size options
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: Lightweight; rainfly; easy to set up; weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces
Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent
  • Tent Size: 2 people
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Notable Features: Lightweight (5 pounds 9 ounces); durable; rainfly; two doors

Product Reviews 

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent: Best Overall

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent
610 Reviews
Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent
  • 2 Person Tent for Kids and Adults: This cold weather tent comes with a waterproof PU5000 poly ripstop rainfly, bathtub floor and tent footprint; Keeps you safe and dry from harsh weather conditions
  • Camping Gear and Equipment: Our 55 x 90 x 42.5 in ultralight tent packs to a compact 16.5 x 6 in carrying bag making it a great addition to your backpacking gear; Spacious and versatile 3 season tent
  • Dome Tent Accessories: Included in this set is a footprint floor cover, aluminum tent stakes, stake press, removable gear loft, reflective guylines and convenient storage bags for every component
  • Leisure Time: Whether you're thru-hiking or taking a long road trip you can always choose what to bring along; Minimum trail weight (rainfly, poles, footprint) of our outdoor tent is only 3lb 12.8oz
  • Hyke & Byke Sleeping Bags: USA-based brand offers premium quality camping gear collection of adult & kids sleeping bags, camping tents & sleeping pods for all your adventures in the great outdoors

The Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent is designed as a versatile, durable, easy-to-set-up camping option and wins the title of the best overall tent for hot weather in this product round-up. With the Hyke & Byke, you and a friend can camp in style and comfort in the warmer months.

The Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent is designed as a versatile, durable, easy-to-set-up camping option and wins the title of best overall tent for hot weather in this product round-up. With the Hyke & Byke, you and a friend can camp in style and comfort in the warmer months.

Available in either 1-person or 2-person variations, the Hyke & Byke backpacking tent is an excellent choice for those looking to carry a simplistic yet reliable tent for their solo or couple’s camping adventures. 

The 1-person variant of the Hyke & Byke tent boasts a total floor area of 22.6 square feet, while the 2-person version has a 34.4 square feet floor area. Both of these are great sizes for one or two people to sleep in comfort, depending on the version you choose.

As the 1-person version weighs only 4 pounds 12.8 ounces, and the 2-person only 6 pounds 2.2 ounces, either version of the Hyke & Byke would be a decent option for backpacking. These tents are not so heavy that your back will be hurting after carrying it for longer periods. Also, these tents conveniently pack down into a compact carrying sack to fit in your daypack.

The Hyke & Byke is a 3-season tent, meaning it can stand up to nighttime temperatures in the spring, summer, and fall. Thanks to its 63-denier ripstop rainfly and its polyester ripstop bathtub style flooring, the tent effectively protects you against rainstorms.

Well-ventilated with large zippered doors, mesh lining, and “no-see-um” mesh walls along the body of the tent, you won’t have to worry about the Hyke & Byke feeling stuffy in the warmest of summer nights. This mesh also protects against pesky insect infestations.

Other great features of the Hyke & Byke tent include reflective guylines that prevent tripping during the night, vents in the rainfly to improve air circulation, and conveniently placed pockets and a gear loft along the interior of the tent to hold your essential equipment. 

Lastly, an included aluminum stake pusher makes set-up a breeze, and the clip-pole attachment makes it even easier.


  • Not very expensive
  • Comes in multiple color options
  • Available in 1- or 2-person variants for versatility depending upon the number of campers
  • Durable and weatherproofed with rainfly, polyethylene floor
  • Appropriate for to three seasons
  • Decently lightweight for hiking, plus it has a carrying sack included
  • Good ventilation with insect mesh


  • Not much space if you have more than one or two campers

Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent: Best Large Summer Tent

Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent
1,449 Reviews
Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent
  • Sleeps 10 people; Fits two queen air mattresses; Center Height: 86"
  • CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vents
  • Included room divider creates a two room tent; Features front and back door access
  • Gear loft with lantern hook and pockets keep items organized and off the tent floor; Electrical cord access port (port is fully closable when not in use)
  • Includes tent, tent poles, rain fly, gear loft, room divider, tent stakes, carry bag; 1 Year Limited Warranty

The Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent is the best option for those who are camping with large groups in the summertime. This large tent is waterproof, durable, and versatile with a room divider for privacy and separation. This tent is also very well-ventilated for warm nights, so you can sleep in comfort no matter the temperature.

The Core tent’s straight walls increase the amount of usable space in the tent’s interior, adding to the overall roomy feeling of the already spacious 14 x 10 feet living area. With a 7 foot tall center ceiling, there is plenty of space for adults to stand up and walk around comfortably.

Also, if you want to split up the tent into two separate sleeping spaces, you can easily do so with the included room divider. This is a great option for families or separate couples to have their own sleeping areas if they wish to.

The Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent also provides plenty of air circulation, with fully zippered doors and mesh panels that can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of airflow depending on the temperature. If you get too cold in the middle of the night, simply zip up the panel.

The rainfly, which protects against the harsh elements, can also be taken off to improve ventilation. The rainfly removes to reveal a panoramic ceiling made entirely out of mesh. Along with the rainfly, the Core is protected from the elements with its “H2O Block Fabric”, a system with a polyurethane coating and taped seams to prevent rain from leaking in.

There is also a gear loft along the ceiling of the tent, which can hold your lightweight gear so that it’s out of the way. The Core also has a conveniently placed, water-resistant electrical port where you can bring in an electrical cord from outside.


  • Very large (14 x 10 feet) for up to ten people to sleep comfortably
  • Includes a room divider for versatility
  • Removable rainfly
  • All-mesh panoramic ceiling for airflow
  • Gear loft for small gear to keep it off the floor


  • Too heavy for longer hiking trips (weighs 31.61 pounds)

Paria Outdoor Products Breeze Mesh Tent: Best Budget Option

Paria Outdoor Products Breeze Mesh Tent
147 Reviews
Paria Outdoor Products Breeze Mesh Tent
  • ►ULTIMATE PROTECTION - The 30 Denier rip-stop silnylon floor has a silicon/PU dual-coating and fully taped seams, providing incredible waterproofing. Meanwhile, the lightweight no-see-um mesh will keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay so you can enjoy the backcountry in peace.
  • ►LIGHTWEIGHT - So light, you won't even notice! Our mesh tent comes in at only 24 ounces, which also includes the line and stakes. The included 12 x 4 x 4 inch stuff sack fits everything into a nice and compact package.
  • ►VERSATILE - Pair the Breeze mesh tent with our Sanctuary Siltarp to get the perfect shelter every time! During clear days and nights, use the mesh tent alone for incredible breezes and stargazing. If inclement weather approaches, throw up the Sanctuary Siltarp for the needed protection against the elements.
  • ►PITCHING OPTIONS - We provide two 15-foot pieces of 1.5 mm reflective Dyneema guy line and six 7075 aluminum Y-stakes. Use these to pitch the tent using nearby trees for support. If no trees are available, you'll need our adjustable tarp poles (sold separately) or your trekking poles to serve as supports.
  • ►BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - We stand behind our products and offer a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

The Paria Outdoor Products Breeze Mesh Tent is the best budget pick in this product round-up. With a purchase price of only $70, the Paria Breeze Mesh Tent is a steal if you’re looking for a small, decently durable, and easy-to-carry tent for a couple of campers.

The Paria’s ultra-lightweight body makes it a great option for backpacking. The tent itself weighs just 21 ounces, while even the tent with its line and stakes included weighs only 24 ounces. It also packs down very small into a 12 x 4 inch packed size, which is perfect for stuffing into a small backpack.

With a peak height of only 36 inches, a single door, and a small 7 x 4.3 feet floor space, the Paria is not a spacious tent compared to some of the others we’ve reviewed. However, it provides a comfortable sleeping space for two people, which is its maximum capacity.

Built with a mesh canopy overlay that protects against bugs and provides extra ventilation, the Paria provides enough air circulation to stay comfortable in the summer. 

There is also a bathtub-style floor to protect you and your gear against rain seeping into the tent. Made of ripstop nylon with fully taped seams, the Paria is a durable option that can withstand some rain and storms.


  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • Mesh overlay for ventilation and protects against bugs
  • Tub-style floor protects against moisture seepage
  • Withstands rain
  • Packs down to a compact size


  • Not the most durable of the options
  • Only fits two people (not a family tent)

Kelty Late Start 4-Person Backpacking Tent

Kelty Late Start 4-Person Backpacking Tent
527 Reviews
Kelty Late Start 4-Person Backpacking Tent
  • Updated Version of Kelty Salida Tent
  • The tent measures 99” x 81”, giving you an interior area of 55. 7 square feet. The peak height is 56 inches. There is a single vestibule protecting 9. 14 square feet of storage space.
  • The two aluminum poles are pre-bent to create extra room inside the tent. Pockets at each corner of the tent keep one end of the pole secure as you move around to deal with the other end.
  • The tent has a single door. The walls are No-see-um mesh and the floor is tough 68 denier fabric, water resistant to 1800 mm. Internal storage includes a ceiling pocket.
  • The tent body is protected by a waterproof 68 denier rainfly. All seams are sealed to keep the water out. The freestanding design means you can pitch the tent and then move it around to find the best site.

The Kelty Late Start 4-Person Backpacking Tent, which is the updated version of the Kelty Salida Tent, is our pick for the tent with the easiest set-up. As its name implies, it doesn’t matter if you get a “late start” at getting your campsite ready, because the set-up of the Kelty tent is truly a breeze.

The Kelty’s fast set-up is made possible by the “Quick Corner Technology,” as it is built with pre-bent poles for easier preparation. The Kelty is also equipped with color-coding at the corners so you can easily identify what goes where. 

To set up the tent, simply stake it out on flat ground. Then, slide the pre-bent aluminum poles into the corners, clip up the body of the tent, and pull the rain fly over the top. There is even color-coding to help align everything correctly. The last step is to buckle down the corners and attach the guy lines. Before you know it, you are ready to camp.

The Kelty Late Start is a good family option, with enough space to fit up to four campers in its 55.7 square foot floor area. With mesh paneled walls and a roomy interior, there is a good amount of ventilation. Weighing only 6 pounds 14 ounces, the Kelty Late Start is a decent option for family hiking trips as well.

This tent effectively protects you from the elements with its tough, water-resistant flooring, sealed seams, and included rain fly. It is rated as a three-season tent, making it quite versatile weather-wise. Lastly, there is also a ceiling pocket where you can organize your smaller gear.


  • Enough space for four people
  • Decently lightweight (6 pounds 14 ounces)
  • Very fast to set up
  • Rainfly protects from weather
  • Withstands three seasons
  • Good ventilation


  • Only a single door

Coleman Dome Tent

Coleman Dome Tent
3,649 Reviews
Coleman Dome Tent
  • DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY: Blocks 90% of sunlight (vs. a comparable Coleman tent) so you can sleep in past sunrise
  • REDUCES HEAT: For a more comfortable rest anytime of day
  • WEATHERPROOF: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; included rainfly offers extra weather protection; strong frame withstands 35+ mph winds
  • STAY CONNECTED: E-Port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside
  • CONVENTIONAL PITCH: Sets up in 15 minutes

The Coleman Dome Tent is our pick for the tent with the best extra features. Featuring a dark room technology that blocks 90% of the sun’s rays, this four-person dome tent is a great option for summer camping as it effectively reduces the amount of heat you’ll be facing inside your sleeping area.

Not only does the darkroom technology keep the heat out, it also shields your eyes from the sun so that you won’t be woken up by the brightness of the sunrise. That way, you can sleep in longer if you want to. This makes the Coleman Dome Tent a great option for the more leisurely, calm camping trips.

Measuring 9 x 7 feet of floor area, the Coleman Dome Tent has plenty of space for up to four people. There is also a divided screen room, which makes for a perfect picnic or resting space with extra ventilation.

The Coleman Dome Tent withstands storms with its patented WeatherTec system, which means it was constructed with inverted seam construction, tub style flooring, a tough rain fly, and a durable frame. There is also a door awning included to prevent rain from seeping in at the entrance. The Coleman’s dome-like shape allows the tent to withstand 35 mile per hour winds.

The Coleman provides effective ventilation for those hotter days by way of its wide double window design. Other features include an electric port, reflective guy lines, and mesh pockets along the walls for storage.


  • Darkroom technology to reduce 90% of sun’s rays
  • Withstands 35 miles per hour winds
  • Rainfly and other weatherproofing (tub floor, inverted seams, durable frame)
  • Storage pockets
  • Carrying bag
  • Enough space for four campers
  • Has a divided screen room area


  • Not as focused on ventilation as other tents
  • Slightly too heavy for long backpacking trips (10.24 pounds)

Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3-Person Backpacking Tent

Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3-Person Backpacking Tent
1,716 Reviews
Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3-Person Backpacking Tent
  • WATERPROOF&DURABLE: 210T Polyester rain fly&groundsheet&bathtub with PU 5000 coating are firmer than you expected. Weatherproof material with factory-sealed seams keep you dry and comfortable in all season&all weather condition! Better material but more affordable! You really need an appropriate lightweight 2 person tent for backpacking!
  • LARGE SIZE&LIGHTWEIGHT: Ultralight 2 person tent! Tent's Size 7'3"x 4'11"x 3'10". Weight: 5.4lbs. Packed Size: 16.5''x5.9''x5.9'', easy to put in one's backpack. Larger than most 2 person backpacking tents and even could fit a little dog more. Great for kids or children as a boy scout tent
  • QUICK SETUP&COMPACT: Free-standing and two Aluminum poles design for lightweight hiking tent's fast pitching. Easily setup by one person with no experience. This ultralight backpacking tent is compact and portable, also great for Hiking, Bikepacking, Kayaking, Mountaineering, Fishing or Car Camping
  • EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN: Interior entire mesh walls designed to offer great ventilation, this ultralight hiking tent has 2 D-shaped doors and 2 vestibules on the side design provide convenient enter&out and extra storage for your backpack or shoes
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 x carry bag,1 x inner tent,1 x flysheet,2 x Aluminum poles,4 x ropes,14 x Aluminum stakes,1 x pole emergency repair kit. Every product you purchased has a lifetime warranty in material and workmanship defects. We also offer 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with it we will be happy to refund

The Clostnature Lightweight 2 and 3-Person Backpacking Tent is our pick for the best tent for a family with kids. With multiple size options available, the Clostnature is a fantastic tent if you’re seeking a well-rounded tent that is easy to set up, decently durable, spacious, ventilated, and weather-resistant.

This tent is available in 1-person, 2-person, 3-person, and even 4-person versions, so you can pick the right size for you and your family. As the 2-person version weighs only 5.4 pounds and packs down to 16.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches, the Clostnature is a great option for those longer hiking days.

Like many other tents today, the Clostnature is built with quick set-up in mind. It has only two aluminum poles (which are also freestanding), and the tent body overall is extremely lightweight, making it easy to adjust as needed.

The Clostnature features effective ventilation, with its walls made entirely out of mesh that extends to the top of the dome. With an included rainfly, groundsheet with polyurethane coating, and sealed seams, the Clostnature is effectively protective against the elements as well.


  • Rain fly included
  • Weighs only 5 pounds 8 ounces (2-person version)
  • Comes in multiple size options
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to set up


  • Probably not as durable as other tents

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent

Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent
725 Reviews
Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent
  • Two door / Two vestibule layout
  • Two person layout
  • Three season, fre standing tent
  • Tent fly ventilation windows
  • Bathtub floor construction

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent is a lightweight, three-season tent that is our choice for the best couples’ tent. When packed up, the tent weighs only 5 pounds 9 ounces, making it suitable for hiking trips with your favorite person.

With a 35 square foot floor area, the Morrison is a solid option for a couples’ getaway in the mountains. While the peak height at the center is just 43 inches, the tent doesn’t feel cramped when sleeping or crouching.

The Morrison is made to withstand the summer showers, as it has a polyurethane-coated tub-style floor and a polyurethane-coated rain fly. Its canopy fabric is strong, and the 7000 series aluminum poles can hold their own against the wind.

Other important features of the tent include double doors and a removable gear loft for small equipment. There are also reflective guy lines for safety. This is a three-season tent with plenty of airflows as well, with tent fly ventilation windows.


  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Weatherproofing (bathtub style floor, polyurethane coating, rain fly)
  • Two doors
  • Gear loft (removable)
  • Very lightweight (only 5 pounds 9 ounces packed weight)


  • Only enough space for two people (not a family tent)

Buying Guide: What to Look For in a Tent for Hot Weather


Of all the features that make a tent suitable for hot weather, ventilation is probably the most important of all. Effective ventilation allows for air to circulate throughout your tent and helps hot air to rise away from your sleeping space. 

Tents with the most effective airflow will have doors and large screen windows on opposite sides of the tent. Many tents are designed with “insect mesh,” which not only keeps bugs away but also allows a breeze to come in. Some tents will also have additional air vents or extra panels to help warm air rise up and out of the interior.

While a rain fly is a vital feature for protection against stormy weather, it also traps heat. For this reason, look for a tent that has a removable rain fly, so you can take it off if inclement weather is not in the forecast. Removal of the rain fly will improve ventilation.

Another tip to keep your tent cool is to pitch the tent so that a door is facing into the wind.

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When selecting a tent, you should assess its construction and materials to ensure that it will last for many years. Nylon and polyester are common tent materials. Both of these are quite durable and lightweight, making them useful for outdoor gear. 

The denier scale measures the thickness of individual fibers in a fabric. Sturdier, heavier tents will be made with higher denier fabrics, such as 300-denier. This is especially important in the base and flooring of the tent.

As we discussed earlier, ventilation is a very important feature. For effective airflow, the more mesh, the better.

The Coleman Dome Tent, with its darkroom technology, provides a great example of a tent that uses materials to effectively reduce heat. UV protective materials not only protect against sunburn but also lower the overall temperature inside your sleeping space.

Keep in mind that in the summer, you may be facing some rain. Look for a tent with effective waterproofing. This comes in the form of polyurethane coating along the floor and rain fly. As mentioned earlier, for summer camping, it is best if the rain fly is removable for ventilation purposes.


When choosing your tent, be sure that there is enough room for you and your fellow campers to sleep comfortably. If you choose too small of a tent, you’ll be forced to sleep too close together. This can increase the feeling of stuffiness, discomfort, and overheating during the night.

You also need to ensure that there is enough space for a fan, cooler, or other essential summer items you want to bring.

Larger tents may also have better airflow, especially if they have air vents and plenty of large windows to keep the air moving throughout. However, smaller tents can be a great option for small groups, especially if they are made with mesh walls to let the breeze in.

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If you are hiking in the summertime, look for a tent that is lightweight and easier to carry on the trails. This will help prevent you from overexerting yourself in the summer heat. 

Make a note of the stated weight on the manufacturer’s box. Consider that you will need to carry other gear and equipment with you when hiking as well, so you want to keep the weight of the tent itself to a minimum.

Storage Options

In addition to a tent’s heaviness, the packed size is also important when considering how easy it will be to bring with you. If you plan on taking your tent on the trails, you need to make sure that your tent packs down to a compact size so that it can easily fit into your backpack. Many tents come with a carrying sack included in the purchase, so be sure to take note of its dimensions.

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Of the tents we reviewed in this product round-up, the Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2-Person Backpacking Tent wins the prize of best overall choice for summer camping trips. Built with large mesh doors and mesh walls, it has plenty of ventilation, while its rain fly and durable construction equip it to handle summer storms. 

If you are camping with more than two people, however, we’ve reviewed some tents for huge groups as well as small families, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs. 

The Core 10-Person Straight Wall Tent is a fantastic option for your whole family to enjoy. The spacious living area and entirely mesh ceiling increase airflow to keep campers cool, while the included room divider adds some versatility. 

If you have a group of four, the Kelty Late Start offers the quickest set-up and a lightweight body style, while the Coleman Dome Tent features a unique darkroom technology for ultimate summer coolness.

No matter which tent you end up choosing, we hope this product round-up has helped you to understand some of the features you should look for to keep your summer camping experience comfortable and fun.

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