RTIC 65 Cooler Review: The Complete Review

The RTIC 65 is a large cooler which is going to be able to give you an immense amount of storage when you’re out on a long trip. It offers great value for money while not sacrificing any level of quality.

We’ve intensively researched the ‘65’ to give you the lowdown on its huge pros while also telling you the downsides. Once you’ve finished reading this RTIC cooler review, you’ll know exactly whether or not this is the perfect cooler for you.

RTIC 65 Cooler
5,103 Reviews
RTIC 65 Cooler
  • Unlimited Potential: This cooler has a 65 can capacity so you can embrace the outdoor life while still channeling the comfort of your own home.
  • Temperature Retentive: The 3-inch foam insulated walls plus the cool-lift design feature will make worrying about your ice melting a thing of the past.
  • Mobile And Multifaceted: Use the heavy-duty rope handles to take the 65 anywhere and when you need an extra hand—this cooler doubles as a step stool, tabletop, or cutting board.
  • Heavy-Duty Protection: The combination of durable rubber T-latches and molded tie-down slots will keep your food and beverages secure.
  • A Sidekick For Every Adventure: Rotomolded construction makes this cooler tough enough to handle every excursion—from off-roading in Moab to the peak of any mountain.

A ​Quick ​Overview

The large size of this cooler will be a pro to some and a con for others. The 67 quarts it holds gives you a tremendous amount of space but for some, it will be simply too big. For those looking for a high-capacity cooler, this could well be the perfect solution for you with the great insulation it has along with several other great features.

Who are RTIC?

RTIC has been making high-quality cooler solutions for a while now. They have a huge amount of pride in their products not only being durable with a high level of build quality but they also try to ensure they it all comes at an affordable price.

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While the company itself is not that old, they have already gained an impressive reputation. With the 65 model, you know that you’re going to be able to get a cooler that isn’t going to let you down.

Who is this cooler for?

There are plenty of smaller cooler solutions out there but this is a large capacity box which is for those who will either be on a long adventure or spending time with a large group. It gives you plenty of versatility for many different types of adventure.

​Its size makes it ideal for picnics, beaches, and camping trips. Groups or families will love this cooler but it’s probably a bit too big for anyone traveling on their own. For those looking for a high-quality and well-insulated cooler, this is the perfect choice.

Key ​Features

RTIC 65 Cooler

Insulation – In tests, this cooler has been shown to keep food under a safe temperature for up to 6 days which is very impressive. It will help to keep food and drinks cool for a long period of time making it ideal for those who love going on those longer trips and spending a few days away from home.

The chest is very well insulated and won’t let you down in terms of performance. It doesn’t quite reach the same heights as the most expensive models on the market but most people aren’t going to have any complaints about how this performs.

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Durability – Coolers get banged about, there is no doubt about it. Whether it is throwing it on the back of a trailer or leaving it at a campsite, they have to face up to a lot of abuse. They need to be durable and it’s another area where the RTIC 65 shines.

It would take the weight of a heavy man jumping on it and would easily cope with any drops that might occur with the cooler. The only issue can come with the lip warping under intensive sunlight but this isn’t a big issue. The non-skid feet aren’t the most durable but the latches and hinges are capable of taking a lot of punishment.

Ease of use – The ease of use of a cooler comes in the form of many different features. Firstly, the drain plugs on this model and going to easily drain away any excess water and make it very easy to clean the cooler after use.

The handles are very easy to use and you’ll be able to easily open and close the cooler with the latches they have. They are surprisingly easy to use considering how much of a solid seal they give the cooler once it’s closed.

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Perhaps the only negative is that there isn’t a section in which you can place items that you want to keep dry. That aside, it ranks very highly in terms of usability and you won’t be frustrated while using this cooler.

Portability – It’s hard to disguise the fact that these types of coolers aren’t pleasant to carry. They are heavy but that is simply because they can contain a lot of food and drink, and that all adds up to significant weight.

Therefore, you have to look at the portability with that in mind. The handles are easy to grab onto and the handles are made out of foam and you won’t feel as though they are cutting into your fingers. For a large and cumbersome box, this is about as portable as it gets.

Key features – If you have a trailer and you want to be able to secure your cooler down while you are driving then you will love the tie-down slots that it has. It also works perfectly for boats or any other mode of transport.

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Whilst not being the most durable, the non-skid feet are also very useful to ensure that your cooler is able to stay in one place. The top of the cooler is also slightly textured to give it a little bit of grip and prevent anything from sliding off.

​In terms of missing features, there are no leashes on the drain plugs which can be a bit of annoyance and also it doesn’t feature any wheels to make transportation easier. Those are only small factors as this is a great cooling box and also one which is easy and clean to maintain, even when you’ve had smelly contents such as fish.

Pros and Cons


  • ​Highly durable
  • ​Impressive insulation
  • ​Large capacity
  • ​Easy to carry
  • ​Non-slip feet
  • ​Rapid draining


  • ​Too big for one person
  • ​No plug leash
  • ​Latches stretch quite far

Customer Reviews

The cooler reviews of the RTIC cooler 65are overwhelmingly positive which should give you a very high level of confidence. Many customers note that they love having that high capacity while not having any drop off in terms of insulation and ice retention.

The features of the cooler are also commended with plenty of compliments on the overall durability. From the adventures that customers have taken it on, it is clearly able to cope with a lot of punishment in any type of environment.

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​Some RTIC reviewshave noted a low level of ice retention. This might be a quality control issue as the vast majority of users have no problems whatsoever. Another noted problem from an RTIC coolers review is that the lid can warp if exposed to extreme heat over a long period.

FAQ & Additional Tips

Is this good value for money?

One great aspect of RTIC products is that they have an immense amount of quality with a much lower price tag than many of their rivals. For those who want a high-quality cooler without breaking the bank, getting RTIC coolers for sale is a great way to go and is a great YETI competitor.

Where to buy RTIC cooler?

Cheap RTIC coolers are going to be available for all major retailers who stock a great range of coolers. You also have the option of buying it directly from their website but for ease of you can buy it from Amazon and have the cooler delivered in less than a week.

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Is it easy to use?

One of the biggest advantages of the RTIC 65 is just how easy it is to use. The latches have a simple operation and you will get a solid seal. Also, the handles are very easy to use and carrying the cooler is very simple with two or more people.

Can this cooler be tied down?

If you are traveling anywhere and want to be able to tie this down to the back to a trailer then that isn’t going to be a problem at all. You can feed cables through the cooler box to ensure that it has a very secure fit wherever you’re going.

Can one person carry it?

​Whilst the answer is technically yes, the RTIC size will be very difficult for one person to carry when it’s full. A strong individual will be able to carry it short distances, such as to and from a car, but for the best cooler for camping and beach trips, you’re going to need two people.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best large cooler ever made, then it’d be a close contest. If you were looking for the best value for money from a large cooler then it’d be hard to argue against the RTIC 65. It has a brilliant capacity while still having great insulation.

Large cooler boxes can be very difficult to carry but the 65 model makes it as easy as possible. The box keeps its weight low but the handles are easy to carry and very well positioned. This model ticks every box in terms of what you’re looking for.

Coolers like YETI are perhaps the leaders in insulation and durability but RTIC is a close second. RTIC constantly offers the best value for money, however, and that makes the RTIC 65 a highly recommended product for anyone looking for a high-capacity cooler.

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