Cocoon Ultralight Aircore Pillow Review: Everything You Need to Know

Are you confused about whether to buy the Cocoon ultralight aircore pillow or not?

Are you tired of reading many reviews on various websites? Not sure whether those are authentic or not?

The cocoon ultralight aircore pillow aims to provide the customers a comfortable sleep during camping tours.

​With this cocoon ultralight aircore pillow review, I aim at providing you all the information you need at one place and help you decide whether this product is for you or not.


Cocoon makes travel pillows to provide maximum comfort to its customers. It wants to ensure that you don’t miss out on your precious sleep during those trips.

Operating since 1989, it manufactures a wide variety of pillows and always tries to introduce new features to satisfy the buyers.

The cocoon inflatable pillow is exceptionally light in weight and occupies less space so that you can carry it for long, even when you decide to pack light.

If you want to know more about it, scroll down, and have all your questions answered at one place.

Who is it for?

Do you love camping?

Are you among the ones who are selective about pillows and cannot sleep for even a second if you don’t get a good one?

This pillow is designed for those who love traveling. It is perfect for plane or train journeys and camping.

If you are looking for a pillow which can be adjusted according to your comforts, the Cocoon travel pillow may be the right choice for you.

If you believe in packing only the necessary items and still yearn for a peaceful sleep, you should need this pillow.

Cocoon Ultralight Aircore Pillow: Key Features

Cocoon Ultralight Air-core Travel Pillow

Easily portable

Do you want a pillow that is light but at the same time large enough to cradle your head?

The bag measures 2.5*2.5*5.2 inches which ensure that the pillow doesn’t slip beneath your head and you have a comfortable sleep.

It is a backpacking pillow, so it has to be light. Right?

The bag weighs about 4 ounces or 110 grams which can help you carry it easily. This is especially useful in long trips where you have to walk a lot with the luggage weighing down your shoulders.

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In such a situation, this pillow ensures that you don’t have to torture your shoulders, just because you need a sound sleep.

Soft material gives maximum comfort

Comfort is always our biggest desire. Then why not buy a pillow which feels soft and maximizes comfort?

The bag is made of 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} Nylon on one side and 100{6c74ca63e013bf7fdc90f42082e9494ee47031617a282fbe0976712ddae472a0} Polyester on the other side. This ensures that the product lasts long and you may not need to buy another soon after purchasing the first one.

The pillow has microfibre on one side, which can make sleeping easier in the winter season. The pillow provides warmth to your head in such low temperatures.

 The Nylon, on the other side, ensures peaceful sleep in the high temperatures and humid atmosphere which comes with the summer season.

It has a premium synthetic layer which ensures a restful sleep. It can give you a comfortable sleep no matter how far you are from home.

The Sophisticated Mechanism

I guess you don’t want to spend hours pondering over how to inflate it?

Fortunately, you don’t have to waste your valuable time for such petty things.

The valve through which the Cocoon ultralight aircore pillow is inflated has a unique and sophisticated mechanism.

The valve is first turned counterclockwise, and the air is blown into it to inflate the camp pillow.

Then to close the valve, it has to be turned clockwise. This seals the valve not allowing the air to escape.

The firmness of the pillow can be adjusted by opening the valve and let some air escape through it, or blow some more air into it, as the need be.

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Easy to use

The pillow is easy to pack and unpack.

You need to twist the valve, and only one or two breaths are enough to inflate is as per your requirement.

It’s easy to deflate it later and pack it in your bag.

 You don’t need a user manual to understand the simple mechanism!

Adjustable Firmness takes care of your needs

Cocoon Ultralight Air-core Travel Pillow 2

The Cocoon aircore down travel pillow has been constructed in such a manner that it has no zipper seam to access the airbag. This makes it difficult to repair the pillow if needed.

Also, the airbag is made of a thin plastic, which may damage if not handled carefully.

One advantage of this pillow is that the user may adjust the firmness of the pillow as per his or her comfort by adjusting the valve and blowing the required amount of air in it.

So, whether you like your pillow soft or hard as a rock, the Cocoon travel pillow covers it all.

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How to care for this?

The pillow can easily be washed through soap and water by hand. Unfortunately, though, the air-core pillow cannot be washed in a machine. While washing, the valve must be kept closed.

One should try and keep it away from sharp objects which may pierce it, making it ineffective. The users should not over inflate it as that may cause damage to the airbag.

The users should also be careful about how they use the valve as it has a complex and delicate mechanism.

Best Uses

The pillow is best for campers.

No matter what the weather is, if you are on a camping trip, nothing beats the Cocoon camp pillow.

When you want to lie flat and enjoy peaceful and deep sleep, this pillow is the right choice.

A few customers have complained that the pillow is too slippery for planes, but even then, it is quite good a support for your hand.

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Reasonably Priced

The revolutionary Cocoon pillow is priced 25 to 30 American Dollars, which is quite reasonable if the benefits offered are considered.

The product holds up its value and offers all that it can in this price range. It delivers the maximum benefits at such a price.

Pros and Cons


  • ​A sophisticated valve which ensures that the air blown into the pillow does not escape
  • ​Nylon on one side and microfibre on the other ensures comfort in all types of weather
  • ​Easily washable by hand. You need a little soap and water
  • ​Extremely light in weight, so you can carry it for days!
  • ​The firmness of the pillow can be adjusted according to your preferences
  • ​It is quite durable if handled with care


  • ​The airbag is made of very thin plastic, which may damage if the pillow is over inflated
  • ​Cannot be washed in a washing machine so you will have to trouble your hands
  • ​Doesn’t have a zipper seam, and therefore, it is unrepairable

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers loved the product and recommended it to others.

Customers were more inclined towards appreciating the material of the pillow, and the fact that the firmness could be adjusted.

Many users appreciated the product for its extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to carry on long trips.

“The weight is negligible! I bought two and was supposed to carry it for days. I am sure no one will be disappointed with the weight. It can be inflated according to our requirements and once inflated, it is quite comfortable. Of course, it feels different from a normal pillow, but you can put clothes around it to make it more like a normal bed pillow. But even if you travel for weeks, the pillow is quite comfortable and is light on your back. So I definitely recommend this product.” – Mark S.

“What I require is that the pillow should occupy minimum space and should be light in weight. And the pillow does that. So I am satisfied with it.” – Rolf

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On the downside, many customers faced disappointment.

​Most of the customers with negative reviews, complained about the thin plastic of the airbag, which, according to them, was not more than 2 MM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s have a look at some doubts which arise in the minds of customers when buying the product.

Q. How much does the product cost?

A. The product costs anywhere between 25 to 30 US Dollars.

Q. Where can I buy the Cocoon ultralight air-core pillow?

A. The pillow is easily available on e-commerce sites. You can buy it from there. I will advice, buy it from a reliable e-commerce site like Amazon and don’t fall for fake discount schemes.

Q. How should I clean the pillow so that I don’t damage it?

A. Firstly, make sure that the valve is closed. Then wash the pillow by hand with a little soap and water. Don’t be too harsh, and you will not damage the product. Do not wash it in a machine.

Q. How small is the pillow to pack?

A. The pillow, when packed is significantly smaller than a cold drink can. It is almost the size of a fist and takes up a small space.

Q. How much do I need to blow to inflate the pillow?

A. Almost one to two adult breaths are sufficient to inflate the Cocoon Ultralight pillow.

Q. How do you inflate the pillow?

A. First, you have to turn the valve anticlockwise to open it. Then, blow air into it and close the valve by turning it clockwise.

Q. How much does it weigh?

A. The Cocoon camp pillow is significantly light and weighs around 110g. It’s easy to carry around even for long trips.

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Some Additional Tips

I have listed some tips that I gathered from various customer reviews. Follow these and enhance the experience of using this product.

Do not over inflate the pillow. That may damage the airbag.

Place a cloth over the pillow that will make it feel more like a standard bed pillow.

It’s quite slippery, so it’s better to avoid it while traveling by air.

Final Verdict

I spent hours researching on the product so that I can provide you with the exact details.

Hopefully, I have been able to convey to you all the information you need before buying the product. Because I myself cannot buy something without thorough research. Is it the same with you?

So, after all this research, reading reviews and FAQs I think the Cocoon Ultralight aircore pillow is worth its price.

The pillow is soft and comfortable. It has a smooth surface and is comfortably large when inflated.

The pillow allows you to adjust the firmness as per your requirement, an essential feature for those who are quite choosy about their pillow (like me!).

I strongly recommend the product if you are a person who loves camping. It will ensure that you sleep peacefully and have enough energy to continue, the next morning.

I hope I could help you with my Cocoon Ultralight Aircore Pillow review.

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The Cocoon Ultralight Aircore Pillow Review